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Friday, October 19, 2007

2007, where did you go?

we picked up a halloween costume for the bean a couple of days ago and it hit me that halloween is less than two weeks away.

less than two weeks??

in years past, i've come to realize that as soon as my birthday rolls around, the year's over. because halloween is next, and then thanksgiving sneaks up on us, and before you know it, it's time for holiday shopping and cheer. but we've had so much going on in the last couple of months (ya think?) that i simply didn't even consider that my birthday has come and gone. sheesh.

seems like just yesterday when i was in the midst of holiday cookie extravaganza! and now it's almost time to start looking for those recipe books again. but before that begins, i've got a different project: invitations for thanksgiving.

because i'm such an invitation/card whore, i always send out paper invitations for stuff. i think the last time i used evite was for a backyard BBQ before i started my little business. i still think evite is perfectly acceptable for casual stuff like that, but for any other kind of gathering, you're getting a real paper invitation in the mail. snail mail!

we've decided to do thanksgiving here at our house this year - the family room is large enough to accommodate everyone, and the giant new dining table and TWO couches will actually provide enough seating. in our last house, we always had to bust out plastic tables and chairs so that folks didn't have to sit on the floor.

oooh, i think i'll make turkey cupcakes again!


  1. I'm sorry but those Turkey cupcakes were a biatch to make last year! I'm skipping them this year, cute little turkeys or no cute little turkeys!

  2. i have not left many comments but have been keeping up with your blog most definately...i think i will steal your holiday cookies in mason jars idea---or i was thinking about making homemade marshmallows and wrapping them in cellophane with a pretty ribbon, oki dokie i better start preparing/shopping for those things b/c xmas will be here before i know it.

  3. I loved your cookie idea the first time I saw it - I'm so doing this... if you don't mind me stealing your awesome idea!

  4. I don't want to steal any of your ideas. Har har har. ;)

  5. I'll just steal a cupcake, so I can eat it..thanks!

  6. Hubbs and I just recently decided to do Thanksgiving at our house again. Poo. We don't have as much room as you do. The turkey cupcakes last year were fun, maybe I'll do it again too. Then again, maybe not. If I make them I might wind up eating them.

  7. You MUST email pics of the Halloween bean, in all her costumed glory!

  8. yes, halloween bean pics, please.

    i am a lazy holiday-er. i do all my shopping online. i would love to do the homemade something or other thing and steal one of your ideas, but i prefer to sleep so that i am pleasant to those i see during the holidays. :)

  9. Yeah, those turkey cupcakes were way too much work last year. I think I'll just sneak in and grab one from your kitchen table this year :)

  10. This post is getting me excited for the holidays!!

  11. amazing how fast 2007 has gone, huh. looking forward to seeing pics of the bean in her costume :)

  12. i love receiving your invitations (2) in the mail! They're so pretty and go great w/ my card collection. Shut up.

    And please add me to the cupcake list. TYVM


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