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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

quite dangerous.

so while shopping at costco on friday for the meet-and-greet (i promise this is the last time i talk about that damn party), we picked up a fabulous chocolate cake. we've had this cake before and it's $8 of rich, fudgy goodness.

and somehow, in the blur that was saturday, we managed to put it out, but never cracked it open. i'm sure guests were like, "hmm, that looks damn good, but i sure don't want to be the first one."

so, darn, we were stuck with an entire chocolate cake all to ourselves. bummer. and today, there's, um, half left.

got milk?

oh! and i decided to bust out the scale today. i've been dying of curiosity and this morning, i just couldn't stand it anymore. i stripped down to take a shower, slid it out from under the bathroom sink with my toe, took a deep breath, and hopped on.

holy hell, people! I'M BACK TO PRE-PREGNANCY WEIGHT!! yahoo!! even though i've been eating like crap and haven't set foot in the gym in two months. this nursing gig sure has its benefits.

but then i surveyed the bod in the mirror and thought, "this weight sure did get redistributed funny." bleh.

oh, well. clothes sure do have a way of hiding...stuff...quite nicely.


  1. I hate you for your instant weight loss. :P

  2. dude, she isn't even a month old yet!!! i kinda hate you.

    okay, not really. but damn, that was fast!

  3. "what? do you want to disappear or something?"

    jk. good news. :). have s'more chocolate cake.

  4. I kinda hate you too. And I'm not kidding.


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