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Thursday, October 11, 2007


that would be me. and i've been one for as long as i can remember. although this is hardly breaking news to anyone who knows me (or reads this blog even semi-regularly).

but yesterday, i finally sucked it up and accomplished two tasks i'd been putting off for-evah.

first, my car is sporting shiny new license plates. yeah, yeah, i've had the damn car since MAY - the kid's birthday, to be exact. but i kept putting it off - plates make it seem not so new anymore! and it still smells new! um, sometimes. now and then. every 3rd tuesday? psh, whatever. at least i won't get pulled over for not having them, anyway. no, if i get pulled over, it'll be for something else. heh.

and we told the kid about our upcoming trip to maui - the one she can't join us on. i was seriously stressing over breaking the news to her - we'd wanted to take her to hawaii this summer but just couldn't get the timing down.

but i forget that she's in the throes of pre-teen "all i wanna do is hang out with my friends" angst. the hub just casually threw it out there - "hey, so we're going to maui with one of my clients next month." and her response? "cool. have fun."

bwahahahaha! i couldn't believe how much i'd worried about her reaction and how she basically pooh-pooh'ed it. "can i spend that weekend with my BFF then?" [shaking head] oh, man.

hell yeah, dudes. grand wailea, here we come! guilt free and all expenses paid, to boot. i can finally let myself be excited fo' real. [happy dancing in chair] now i can start shopping for attire - for me AND the bean. ;)

and for those of you with the sense of humor of a 4th grade boy (like me), the hub and i giggled endlessly over this last night. make sure you click on the little red speaker. and then just keep listening to it over and over again. holy shit, it was funny.

or maybe you had to be there. shut up. i'm giggling at it all over again.

ooh, and the ups man dropped off a box yesterday. this box was damn near four feet tall and came from 1-800-flowers - i was actually a little terrified of what might be inside (because i kill plants just by bringing them in the house). but when i ripped it open and pulled the filler out, i found this:

it's a diaper cake! haha! there's all sorts of goodies packed in this thing - rattles, bibs, socks, a hat - and it's all wrapped up in pink tulle. tulle is wonderful stuff. especially when it's pink! and it came from the hub's office. i thought it was sweet. and i can't bear to tear it apart. we may be stuck with it as-is. hmmm.


  1. Grand Wailea!! That's where we went on our honeymoon. You are in for a good time. Lucky

  2. Grand Wailea worked out?? Yay!! Awesomeness! Such a family friendly place :)

    And uber-nice, too!

  3. I must be 12. I snickered and laughed too. Especially at the plural version. *still snickering*

    So glad Hawaii worked out and the kid situation was a false alarm. :)

  4. May I come to Wailea in the kid's stead? I'm a little bigger, but I'll make sure to eat less than I usually do. Thank you.

  5. omg I'm SO jealous!! Gramd Wailea, I've heard, is pretty! Also, I hate that you just had a baby amd will effortlessly probably look smokim im a bikimi. Life is so umfair sometimes.

  6. the grand wailea is so nice! just be sure not to get a damp room :|

  7. Yeah for Hawaii! Penes was pretty freakin' funny!!!

  8. Grand Wailea huh, me and the ex stayed at the Fairmont in Kea Lani (right next to wailea) when we vacationed in '01. It will be a blast and well needed/deserved.



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