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Monday, October 29, 2007

i DIDN'T chicken out, i swear!

[hanging head in shame]

so, yeah, i didn't make it to karaokefest 2007. and my excuse is so friggin' lame, even i'm having trouble buying it.

i'd already picked out something to wear and even got showered and stuff. but then i sat down to feed the bean in the living room - next to the hub, who was taking a nice late-afternoon nap, with the dog at his feet snoring away.

the bean fell asleep.

i fell asleep.

and the next thing i knew, it was dark outside and i was squinting up at the clock, which read 8:00.

hell. i guess that's what i get for having the meet-and-greet the day before. i'd worked my ass off all day long and i was exhausted. um, we even slept through church. again. oops.

and it looked like a fun ass party, too. complete with party favors! dammit. so much for my fun evening out with friends, sans bean AND hub. i suck.


  1. I wonder if your "chicken" may actually be a rooster....

    You were missed, and you missed meeting our longtime OC pals in the flesh. Alas!

  2. You don't suck. It's just more motivation to make it out to the next one. You were definitely missed.

  3. yes, you were missed. glad you got some well-deserved rest, though.

  4. Hmmph, don't wan-na meet us OC girls huh? Well, we'll just might throw a karaokefest down here in OC and invite you :)

  5. You were most definitely missed. It's a pretty good excuse though :)


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