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Sunday, October 28, 2007

meet & greet, check.

we had a buttload of folks come over yesterday to meet the bean and have some grub. i was afraid that invitations got lost in the mail somehow, because i was hearing back from some of our friends that they never received theirs. that's what i get for being lazy and doing them postcard-style. oy vey.

but the turnout was pretty fabulous! we were so busy running around, entertaining, making sure food and beverages didn't run out, blah, blah, blah, that i never picked up the camera ONCE. i'm so regretting that now. poo.

probably the funniest part was watching my family run around like maniacs in the front and back yards with a pair of scissors and handfuls of plastic bags. we've got a lot of fruit trees at this house, and they were only too happy to "clean up" for us. heh.

now i'm psyching myself up for an evening out - my first time away from the bean. i'm a little sad, but excited to hang out with friends for a while. just cross your fingers that i don't chicken out at the last minute.


  1. Don't chicken out! Don't chicken out!

    I have a handful of iPhone pics. I can also send you the non-paparazzi-safe version of the Wannabean if you want.

  2. did you chicken out? :(
    missed you. missed seeing the bean yesterday, too, and i even got my postcard. :(

  3. so sad i couldn't make it. a wedding that i thought was on sunday the whole time, was on saturday! hope to see the bean soon though!

  4. Bean is a little cutie. Glad I scored some concentrated one on one time. :) Sadly, I have no pictures with her. :( Next time.

  5. I'm sad to have missed Bean's debut. I plan to make it up to her next time with extra "oooohing" and "aaaaahing" ok?


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