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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it. doesn't. fit!

dammit, i told the hub that halloween costume was too small!

see, when we were shopping for the bean's costume, the only one they had in her size was the devil costume. and he just couldn't bring himself to dress up this precious baby girl as something so evil (even though the costume was cute as hell!). so we picked up the dragon costume that was actually meant for a teddy bear or some shit like that.

"it'll fit, i'm sure of it! look how little she is!"

i didn't want to argue, so i toddled off to the cashier and took care o'bidness.

and today is his office's annual trick-or-treat day. employees bring candy to hand out at their cubes, and everyone is welcome to bring their rugrats between 3 and 5pm. i know his ass is itching to show off the bean, although he wouldn't ever admit it.

i just now dressed her in the halloween sleeper one-piece thingy given to us by a good friend at the meet-and-greet, and decided to try the dragon costume on to send her daddy a picture on his phone.

and, of course: it's too SMALL. boob juice is definitely providing her with the required daily nutrients.



  1. love the festively colored mask. sorry to hear the costume doesn't fit. drat. i was looking forward to costumed wannabean photos.

  2. don't you just love having to bite your tongue for your hubs because it's their "first" and they have to learn? Oh, well, maybe it's just me having all of that fun over here.

    Bam-Bam will be a big a** Shrek for Spookyday because my hubs doesn't seem to know that his son is not 18-24 mos yet.

    "Honey, was does 2T mean?"

  3. husbands. gotta love 'em! ;)

    she looks pretty darn cute in that halloween sleeper though too :)

  4. I love the orange bar and the outfit. You heading out for a mad dash costume shopping trip, right?

  5. Wannabean looks cute even with a bar over her face :)

  6. You should dress Baby Bean in a crazy outfit, leave that bar over her eyes and have her go as a "don't" a la Glamour mag! ;)

  7. Boob juice does Wannabean good ;)


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