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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things i love

  • watching the bean stretch after a nap. she really gets into it, arms outstretched, scrunched up face, toes pointed out. it's awesome.
  • pillsbury place-and-bake chocolate chip cookies. the epitome of laziness, and 100 calories apiece (although it doesn't help that i can't stop at one cookie. or three).
  • catching random episodes of 90210, fresh prince of bel-air, roseanne, or saved by the bell in the wee hours of the night. there's nothing like watching jessie spano's caffeine pill freak-out while feeding the bean.
  • shopping online for clothing suitable for our upcoming maui trip. i'm finding all sorts of fun stuff on sale, since summer's over. gotta love spending $100, including shipping, and ending up with six tops and two dresses. oh to the yeah.
  • getting to see the kid even when it's not "my week". she's got twice-weekly math tutoring sessions, and when she's with her dad, i get to pick her up from school and see her for about 15 minutes before i drop her off.
  • the hub getting up to change diapers at any given time. as he says, he gets the shitty times and i get all the happy moments. not true, but it was funny.
  • pottery barn and pottery barn kids. just 'cause.
  • my girlfriend's kitchen. that place has saved my ass from having to think of, shop for, and make dinner the last few weeks.
  • tivo. for obvious reasons.

i just tried to add visual aids to this post (because i need all the help i can get when it comes to making my posts more interesting, especially lately), but blogger's being a bitch. boo.


  1. Your husband gets an A+ for effort :)

  2. awww...such sweet moments, it seems. you are such an awesome, loving mom to both.

  3. I don't know -- your life sounds pretty awesome to me!

  4. I'm with Jen - I like picturing the little stretchy bean. :)

  5. yay for the little bean and a good husband. :)

  6. I was experiencing the same issues with pics. Boo. I think your list, and life aren't as bad as you think. Wanna trade? ;)

  7. i think your blog is still kickin' arse for someone with a life as busy as yours. i mean, come on, mine's quite thin these days and i don't have nearly the responsibility you do.

  8. you have a wonderful life, with an even more wonderful family to share it with.
    Oh, and I loved watching Bam-Bam ('member that?) stretch too!


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