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Friday, October 12, 2007

missed milestones...sort of.

one's kinda craptastic, the other one's just silly, and the last one is pretty spectacular - for me, anyway.

i was looking at the calendar and realized that the anniversary of my wedding to the ex had just passed. and then i did the math and came to the startling conclusion that it would've been our FIFTEENTH anniversary. holy shit. add the five years we dated to that and we would've been together for 20 years?? damn, i feel old.

and it cracks me up to remember that the date is the same as the birthday of the love of my
elementary-and-middle-school life. ha! what a coinky-dink. don't think i wasn't fully aware of it at the time, either. [sigh] curtis goddard, where are you now?

and then i suddenly thought of my poor mollydog's birthday, which got lost in the shuffle last month. poor baby. it's four days before my own, and last year when we had the family over for a birthday BBQ, we had sprinkles cupcakes for the humans and a couple of doggy cupcakes (also from sprinkles) for molly. i was kind of sad that we'd forgotten all about her this year - even though she has no clue, or probably really doesn't give a shit, you know?

so i've been wearing the same pair of maternity jeans for the last week because they're the only bottoms (aside from shorts, and it's gotten a little cooler lately) i can fit into. sad, huh? the damn things can probably stand up on their own by now. ew.

anyway, i decided to risk potential heartbreak this morning and busted out a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. i sent up a little prayer before i stuck my legs in 'em and by some miracle, they slid right up over my childbearing hips with ease! now, granted, these were my "fat jeans" - the ones that i always had to yank up every five minutes or so, back in the day. but i don't care! they buttoned and zipped with no problems, and i can even breathe! woo-hoo!

it really is the little things in life.


  1. Jeans fitting well is always a good moment.

    I blogged about Sprinkles today too ;)

  2. Um, I know Molly is pissed that you forgot her birthday. She totally blogged about it on her MySpace page. You better sleep with one eye open. I'm just sayin'...

  3. Nanette said what I was going to say. Well, not in the exact words, but close enough.

    Woof woof grr!

  4. Oh my goodness my mom is the same way. She used to treat Molly (her dog, ahem) like a queen. Molly literally was like royalty. So I totally get it ;) I'm sure your Molly will forgive you.

    Congrats on the jeans, woman! That's seriously way awesome. There are some days I don't even fit into my fat jeans :/

    HAHA on Molly's Myspace page!

  5. at leat you know molly's birthday, we just celebrate pooch's on some random day in august. when you think about it, we forgot this year.


    fitting into pre-preggo jeans in less than a month after birth is great! you'll be a sexy bitch again in no time.

  6. I hate you. Three minutes after giving birth, you're already almost into normal clothes again. I'm convinced you're not human.

    OK, I lied. Still love ya, but extreeeeeeeeeeeemely bitter :)

  7. i'd like to be like you when i get preggers, give birth and then have a newborn on my hands, 'kay thanks :)

  8. too many good comments already.

    happy belated, molly. please don't bite me. i please ignorance.

  9. Yay for jeans fitting again :) I'm sure Molly will forgive you knowing that you have a new baby on hand.

    Besides, the holidays are coming up and Molly's sure you know how to make it up to her . . .

  10. we don't know our molly's birthday (or even possibly how old she is, although the humane society said "about eight"), so we just picked a day that we THINK we brought her home (we don't remember the actual adoption date). mid-january it is! i hope she's not too offended.
    also, whatEVER. you are like the skinniest pregnant/postpregnant person i have ever seen. :)

  11. Yay for the jeans! And, Happy (Belated) Birthday to Molly.


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