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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i lied.

aside from taking the bean to her first sushi bar last night (pasadena's sushi roku), i really have nothing fun or exciting to talk about.

although it was funny to me that she slept right through the entire meal (funny = fabulous), even with all the sushi chefs shouting greetings to one another and across the restaurant every two minutes. yeah, she was perfectly happy kickin' it in her seat until we got her back in the car and headed home. once it got quiet, that's when she decided it wasn't cool anymore, and started singing for her supper (singing = screaming). heh.

well, okay, and she had her two-week doctor's appointment this morning and woo-hoo - she's gained a pound and she's perfectly healthy. yay!

um, we're participating in this year's CHOC walk on sunday? that's fun, right? it's a 5K walk through disneyland and california adventure, and funds raised benefit the children who are patients at children's hospital of orange county. here's the one photo we took last year, with our friend A:

god, i'm boring myself. i'm going to go find some candy corn and sulk in the corner now.


  1. Wow! She's two weeks already? How time flies!

  2. look how amazingly she's doing. Awesome for scoring a night out for sushi. Sushi! You can eat sushi again!

  3. Smart girl for knowing not to make noise at Sushi Roku. ;)

  4. Haha. . . the Wan-nabean is better behaved than Little Monkey Niece :)

  5. i'm glad that you and the bean are doing so well. :) sad i'll be missing the walk this year, but have a blast!

  6. Geez, you and your kid look more like sisters in that picture.


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