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Monday, October 15, 2007

weekend reca ... zzzzzzzzzz.

yup. i fell asleep trying to think of my own weekend recap! and why is that?

well, because that's pretty much how i spent it. whenever the bean would take a nap, i'd try to catch a few winks myself. although she's really good about waking up for feedings (like, maybe 3 times a night), i still find myself tired as all hell when it's time to get up.

and we even slept right through all three church services on sunday! they were going to have a rose ceremony to celebrate the bean's birth and we managed to miss it. oops. i hear it was lovely, though. heh.

hmm. what a boring ass post. here, have some hands and feet:

perhaps tomorrow i'll be back to normal and have something more entertaining to say.


  1. I fell asleep reading your recap.


  2. lol at Weemo. Cute hands. Cute feet. Could we get a femur next time? Ya know... spice it up a bit??

  3. Cute baby feet! Too funny you missed your own ceremony. :)

  4. I like how you managed to miss the ceremony especially dedicated to your bean :)

  5. you're a new mom, of course you're zonked! i'm surprised you have the time (or energy) to post anything at all. :)

    sad you missed the ceremony though. i hope someone took pics.

  6. i have a baby feet fetish. whenever there is a child around, the socks have to come off!

  7. You missed the ceremony? That's funny. And I think the hands and feet make up for it all. :)


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