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Thursday, October 25, 2007

the hub is weird, too. but i love that crazy boy.

so, i like sleep. it's just too damn bad i don't get much of it. heh.

but this morning, the hub got up, took the dog to the groomer's, and came home bearing gifts: a croissan'wich and my beloved mocha joe from burger king!

oh, but that man is so good to me. i don't think there was anything i could possibly have wanted more at that moment (well, except sleep).

other random ass shit the hub does: orders two rocking chairs for our front porch, straight from rockingchairs.com. he's outside right now, putting them together.

and then, the kid decides she wants to dress up as a hippie for halloween. so what does my husband do?

he goes to tiedyeteeshirts.com, points at the screen, and says "there you go. pick a color."

these websites crack me up (almost as much as the fact that the hub seeks them out). i can't wait to see what he buys next. ain't internet shopping fun?


  1. Dahahahah! I was dead at "Rockingchairs.com."

  2. at least the website names make it easy to find their products ;)

  3. It doesn't get any easier than rockingchairs.com. Love it!

  4. What a sweetie! Any man who brings coffee in the morning is a keeper, for sure!


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