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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

yay!/boo. - the postpartum edition

whee! here we go:

the hub's dream came true - the bean has gorgeous gray-blue eyes. yay!
they'll most likely change as she gets older. boo.

i lost ten pounds as soon as she was born. yay!
i still have a fun jiggly belly, similar to my first belly pic. boo.

i'm sporting fab extra cleavage thanks to the wonderfully nourishing boob juice. yay!
these damn tits are so heavy, i can barely hang on long enough to shower without a bra. boo.

i got some ultra-strength motrin from the doc. yay!
it's for the tennis ball-sized 'roid and coochie stitch discomfort. boo.

my maternity clothes are almost too big for me now. yay!

my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is still way, way outta my reach. boo.

from the kid: "wow, mom, you really don't look pregnant at all anymore!" yay!
also from the kid: "haha, you have to use
these?? [pointing to my stash of airplane pillow-size maxi pads]" boo.

breastfeeding keeps old "auntie flo" from returning. yay!
postpartum bleeding, which isn't a period, can last up to SIX WEEKS. boo.

but don't let me fool ya. i wouldn't give back any of these "boo."s for the world, because they're all temporary. the joy of the bean is forever.


  1. Yay - You are back!
    Yay - the bean is here!!

  2. love. this. post.

    and anytime i hear or read about any sort of 'stitches' down there, all color drains from my face and i feel like i'm going to pass out. :|

  3. yays for all the good permanent stuff.

    boos for all the temporary hells you're enduring.

  4. This is a great post. Yay/boo will always be fun. :)

  5. The "kid" amd the "beam" - I see you havem't lost your touch wam.


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