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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the bean is weird.

so, remember my makeup post from a few weeks back? yeah, it's so totally a big fat lie now. i'm finding that i'm damn lucky these days if i can get a shower and slap some moisturizer and mascara on my face. so much for the oh-so-fabulous laura mercier flawless face.

however, i stumbled upon an easy way to make sure that my hair, at least, looks halfway decent. i thought i had the bean down for a nap this afternoon and snuck into the shower to feel like a human being again. but, of course, i wasn't 30 seconds into my routine when i could hear her screaming her head off - not exactly the best way to enjoy a relaxing hot shower.

i rushed through the rest of what needed to be done and jumped out, dripping all over the floor, and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. this was effective for exactly 22.5 seconds - enough time to towel off and get partially dressed. and then, because i can't bear to walk out of the house with wet hair, i turned on the hair dryer.

and immediately, she stopped wailing, gave a big sigh, and closed her eyes.

maybe this is my excuse to get the hub to let me buy that fabulous new hair dryer i've been eyeing. ya think?


  1. See, she can't relax until Mama Bean has beautified! :)

  2. sounds good to me! :)

    you didn't lie. the bean just shook things up a bit is all.

  3. She's a diva in training already!

  4. too funny! and hey, sounds like you're going to have the nicest "new mom" hair ever courtesy of the little bean ;)

  5. Hmph, I thought the bean could cry even harder because of the noise coming from the hair dryer.

    But what do I know about babies :)

    Yay for the bean!

  6. So she likes it when its noisy? Hmm...how did you work that one out?


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