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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bring me food and i will like you.

last night, monkey, tater and i met up with venn diagram and jane18 from the l.a. knot board. our original plan was to have some oaxacan food at guelaguetza restaurante (in koreatown, which still makes me giggle), but somehow they accepted our reservation even though there was a private party going on in there. this seems to be a pattern for me these days - remember the arena club debacle at staples? oy vey.

so we ended up actually having korean food (in koreatown! wow!), which was absolutely delicious. the place was packed, so we waited at the front of the joint and the waitress took our order while we sat and chatted. sweet - food was ready for us once we finally had a table!

monkey has a very detailed recap and pictures here, but here's my version of our group pic:

hee hee! i find it a little sad that we (and winnie, but she couldn't make it last night) seem to be the last of the SFAMily who still troll the l.a. board, but that's okay. we still manage to find entertainment there, i guess! and we found it funny when we came to the realization that food is most definitely the way to our hearts. heh.

and now, i must dash off to finish our christmas cards. yes, 6 days before christmas. hell. i have to make a bunch of nipple treats too, for delivery tomorrow. and we're headed off to the picture people this afternoon. holy hell.


  1. Food waiting at your table?! How cool.

  2. fun! can't wait to see the pics from your session today.

    btw, i shared a couple of the nipple treats with some CWs (i know, i'm just that generous) and everyone agrees -- they are just too damn delish! i'm totally making them for CWs next year :D

  3. i concur with amber on all accounts. mr. tater ate a ton of *my* nipple treats.

    so nice to see you again. mm...food and friends.

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  5. I wish I had more time to troll. Unfortunately I can't. :( I think it's probably better that way...I'd get too pissed.

  6. Please share the picture people pics asap. "At least the photographer is not a 16-year-old making minimum wage." =) heh.

  7. Aww, I wish I still posted more and had seen this invitation. . . you guys were right near me :( Oh well, maybe another time!

  8. Love your version of the group pic.

    The word verification for this comment is "rdudzm."

    It sort of sums up my opinion of the L.A. board these days with notable exceptions, of course.

  9. Mmmm...nipple treats. Nipple treats would buy my love forever. We look so sweet and demure in the photo. Annoy and anger other customers? Who us? Not possible.


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