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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

out and about

so the bean and i took advantage of the lovely weather to go out and run some errands in old town pasadena. i needed to find a couple of white elephant gifts, and finish off the very last of the gift shopping. i keep thinking we're done, and then i look at the list and realize...not so much. heh.

i strapped the bean into my trusty moby wrap and we took off down colorado boulevard. of course, i stopped in at my first love - paper source - as they'd forgotten to put some stuff in my bag when i was there this weekend. i so love that store. i want to marry it.
the next stop was THE ultimate white elephant gift store - urban outfitters. they have the best, wackiest, funniest shit that ever was in there. obviously, i can't show you what i ended up buying, but here's a couple of the top contenders:

i'm sure that the staff thought i was absolutely nuts - walking around with various items in my hand, laughing my ass off. i also almost bought this fabulous glass, but changed my mind. oh, man. good times, good times.

restoration hardware was the next stop, for a few "couple" gifts. i wanted to keep one for me, but i reminded myself "not buying for you, dumb ass" and kept walking. a couple of the recipients sometimes peruse this blog, so i can't show you what the presents are, but trust me - they're fabulous.

i still owed my BFF a birfday present (oops!), so i stopped in at victoria's secret to pick up a gift card and some jammies. not very original, but every girl likes a new pair of jammies, right? well, this girl does, anyway.

and lastly, we stopped at michael's to pick up some stuff for the treats we're giving as gifts to the hub's staff and team members.

oh! here's my spice girls tee:

aaaaaaand with that, i've run out of stuff to say.

till tomorrow, anyway.


  1. All of that is AWESOME, especially the "nothing" and the shirt!

  2. your shirt is awesome!
    i love the white elephant runners up, too.

  3. A new siggy clearly resides in this post.

  4. and now i know where to buy white elephant gifts. thanks :)

    that shirt is dope, dude.

  5. Hahahha I love your shirt!

    [note to self: stop by Urban Outfitters to get WE gift]

  6. I so hope you shopped for our WE exchange. :) Love the shirt. Hee.


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