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Friday, December 21, 2007

it's here! it's here!

this is most likely my last post until after christmas. that's a yay! AND a boo. all in one. heh. things left to do:
  • take the bean to see santa. why we put this off till the very last minute, i'll never know. then again, i'm the girl who just sent out christmas cards YESTERDAY.
  • make more nipple treats. yes, i know i said i was all done with 'em, but i have a lot of leftover pretzels, and it's a shame to waste them. especially since i searched high and low for the damn things.
  • finish wrapping gifts. i thought i'd be done, but i have every last one of the kid's gifts to do still. i didn't want to do it while she was at home, and now she's at her dad's till monday.
  • scoop up a few more stocking stuffers for the hub. this is the first year that i don't have a lot of personal cash to spend on a nice gift for him, so the best i have to offer is a new pair of ugg slippers (which he wanted, but is less than stellar in the "exciting gift" category). at least they're cool, though - not your typical beige uggs. he'll like them. i think. oh, and the framed picture people photos. those, i'm sure, will be a hit. he's a sucka for his baby girl.
  • find something to wear for christmas eve and day. my wardrobe is pretty limited these days - everything has to have a nice big v-neck. i enjoy nursing, but don't dig the restrictions on my attire!
  • put up the new ornaments we bought the other day at the hallmark store. each of us gets to pick a new ornament every year, and this time we got to pick one to commemorate the bean's first christmas. awwww.
  • go to the grocery store to buy the makings of au gratin potatoes. i volunteered to make them for christmas day at the hub's grandparents' house, and i don't have any of the ingredients on hand, of course. that would imply planning ahead. psh.
i think that's it. i'm sure i'll come across more things that need to be done, but right now i need to figure out what the bean's gonna wear to see st. nick. and i have to get all snazzy for tonight, which is the hub's team christmas dinner. i finally get to rock the gold dress i bought months ago! hopefully it'll look better on me tonight than it did when i was pregnant. we'll see.

merry christmas, everybody! hope santa brings you everything on your list, whether you were naughty or nice ;)


  1. merry christmas to you too!

    and you're bringing back pics in the dress, right? :)

  2. If you'd like to unload some nipple treats on someone, I will be more than happy to take them off your hands!

  3. I got my FI those uggs slippers too. =) Merry Christmas!!

  4. So late but I wished you a merry one on time. ;)


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