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Monday, December 24, 2007

some unexpected alone time!

i'm sitting here with dye in my hair, waiting for my grays to magically disappear. the hub is out with the bean, playing santa and delivering gifts to friends. and i get to pick up the kid in about an hour. this is weird. i haven't had time alone like this since before the bean was born. and i don't really know how i feel about it!

so my family gathering is tonight, at my gram's. yup - party at the senior center rec room! two years in a row! woo-hoo! break out the ben-gay and jell-o!

i finished wrapping every last gift last night. finally. sheesh. every square inch of space under our tree is occupied by presents! i think we probably went way over our budget for gifts, but then again, what budget haven't we blown to bits? heh.

the kid's got a crapload of stuff to open. it was funny - at the age of twelve, she finally figured out that she could get everything she wanted by giving each parent a different wish list. bwahahahaha! i don't know exactly what she asked her dad for, but from us "the only thing i put on my wish list for you guys is an iPod touch. that makes it easy, right?"

i actually wanted one of those things, myself, because i can't have the iPhone. i refuse to switch from my beloved verizon, and i thought it was the next best thing - just without the phone part. but my dear friends monkey and tater quickly educated me when i said it was going to be on my own wish list for christmas. since i'm not that big into music (i have a pink iPod mini that i got for my birthday three years ago, but i only use it at the gym. and we all know how often that is these days), the internet connection only works when you're in a wifi area, AND there isn't a camera built in (apple, that's really stupid. but i bet you're going to come out with an iPod touch with camera AFTER the holidays, aren't you?), it would be one big fat waste of cash. cash that could be spent on other useful things for me, like those tall chocolate uggs. or the nikon d40x. hell, i'd be happy with some new nursing bras. how sad. how very, very sad. oh, well.

the hub's going golfing with his gramps, brother and uncle tomorrow morning, right after we drop the kid back off at her dad's for christmas day. i may actually have time to blog! haha! but if i don't:

happy holidays, from the bean (and the kid, the hub, the dog, and me) to you!


  1. happy holidays, [healthy] bean, hubs, kid, molly, and wan!

  2. Yay for no wasted money on the Touch! ;)

  3. merry christmas m'dear!

    [i wanted the touch too, but alas, i'm just going to cave and get an iphone when the new ones come out. hehehe]

  4. That picture makes me want to hug the Bean.


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