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Friday, December 14, 2007

no pictures for you!

the kid, the bean and i braved the crowds at the mall today to take some portraits at the picture people. normally, i'm not all about the whole posed-in-a-studio-at-the-mall thing, but this place is relatively cheap and the pictures are done in an hour.

the kid assured me (from previous experience with her dad) that we didn't need an appointment. well, i forgot to take into consideration that we were 1. going on a friday, 2. it's the holiday season, and 3. since when did i take information from a 12-year-old without double-checking it? okay, actually, i called just before we left the house and the girl said "we do recommend making an appointment." so i said "oh, then i need an appointment for this afternoon." and of course, the reply was "we're all booked for the rest of the day."

fine, whatever. we still had to go the mall to shop for the kid's BFF, and i figured i'd see if they could squeeze us in as a walk-in. right? right?

wrong. let's just say we'll be heading back to the damn mall next week. wednesday at 3pm, to be precise. damn. i considered going to the janky portrait studio at the other end of the mall (you know, the kind where the "photographers" are high school kids, you get 28357089437 copies of the picture for about $25, and the "poses" are all slightly whorish) for about two seconds before i came to my senses. besides, the whole purpose of the portraits was to make a nice frame for the hub to put at his desk of his "three girls". the janky ass high school pictures simply wouldn't do.

and now i'm going to get started on decorating. the SFAMily's holiday hoorah 2007 is at our house on sunday, and all i've got so far is a wreath on our door and a naked christmas tree. there's a pile of wrapped presents sitting in a corner, and i so want the house to be warm and inviting. wish me luck.


  1. there was a time when i luuuurved the janky ass places. whee.

  2. Your home is warm and inviting every day. No need to fret. ;)

    The Picture People? Really? Really? Someone clearly ran out of creative juices when naming that business.

  3. Whee, can't wait to see your house tomorrow!

  4. this whole post just makes me giggle. ;) hope you guys have better luck next week!


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