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Saturday, December 29, 2007

just what i've always suspected.

cash advance

shit, man. i thought i could've been at least sophomore-level. must've been my bathroom humor. or the bridal twirling. perhaps the 4th-grade jokes?

eh, whatever. i still think i'm funny ;)


  1. I just plugged a whole bunch of blogs in. Alyssa's is rated "college," and Winnie's is rated "genius."

    Now I feel dumb.

  2. Wait, I lied. Mine is ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

  3. This jr. high is much better than my jr. high experience IRL.

  4. hee! now i don't feel so weird having plugged in a few blogs to compare ;)

    but i DO feel pretty dumb, too, even though i always knew winnie was a genius.

  5. No worries. It just means a wider audience can understand your writing. ;)


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