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Thursday, December 20, 2007

what do you call folks who are afraid of st. nick?


okay, i'm sorry.  i had to.  i heart stupid ass, cheesy as fuck jokes like that.  like:

if you're american when you go into the bathroom, and asian when you come out of the bathroom, what are you when you're IN the bathroom?

get ready to laugh.

or groan.



shut up.  i still think it's funny.


  1. ::groan::

    I think I'd much rather read about what you had for lunch. ;)

  2. i have a funny knock-knock joke that most people think is lame but i always laugh at it! LOL however, i think since you find those jokes funny, you might find this funny too:


    "Who's there?"

    "German Gestapo"

    "German Gestapo Wh---?"

    interrupt them before they can say "who" and say in a German accent: "Shut up! We ask the questions around here!"

    it's lame saying it on here, but it's funny out loud!!

    ....okay, i'm gonna go run and hide from the shame of my stupid joke


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