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Thursday, December 20, 2007

done. with. holiday. stuff.

okay, i'm nipple treats-ed out. i was seriously up till 1am making these damn things for the kid to take to teachers and office staff and the hub to take to his co-workers. it's a hell of a lot easier than last year's cookie extravaganza, but still...

but i guess i shouldn't complain. not at all. my holiday prep this year was so easy compared to previous years - and i did most of it with the bean strapped to my person. i swear to you, i'll never do christmas shopping in the mall again (at least, not the bulk of it). online is king.

yesterday's visit to the picture people (sorry, monkey, i know you cringe every time you see that) was quite a success! of course, i got a little sweaty and flushed, and the kid did a lot of eyerolling, and the bean was crankified by the end of the session, but we emerged from that joint less than an hour later with printed photos in hand. now i just have to get my ass to aaron brothers or something to find a nice frame. the hub is picky about what goes on his desk at work, but i'm hoping he'll be so bowled over by these snapshots that he'll scurry right in to the office and plunk the frame in his cube without a second thought. heh.

omg, i'm a little cleave-tastic in that last one. oops. and please excuse the "zazzle" watermark. of course, i swiped these off the website. i don't have the time to scan 'em in for now. heh.

aaaaand, i finally got the christmas cards done. all 120 of them. it was a royal pain in my ass, and i really don't like how they turned out this year, but they're done. the hub and i had quite a tussle over design and colors, and i actually didn't think we were going to end up even DOING the damn things. but we'd had the photo shoot, and i refused to settle for just giving framed photos as gifts to our folks. so we both sucked it up, gave in on several points, and voila! and then i went to print the envelopes and - nothing. the fucking printer totally shit on me. it would print other things just fine, but for some reason, i couldn't get it to do the envelopes for the life of me. and so what did i do?

i bought another printer.

granted, i needed another one anyway as my old black & white laser wasn't mac-compatible. so i trekked my happy ass out to office depot and picked up a snazzy all-in-one.
and it wouldn't print my damn envelopes, either. i couldn't figure it out, and i didn't have the luxury of time to sit there and figure it out. so what did i do? get ready to clutch your pearls, folks.


that's right. clear labels. i'm so ashamed. i'm hoping that i can play the "i have a newborn, i was lucky to get these out at all" card this year.
and now i'm off to the post office to drop these things off. ugh.


  1. hand cancelling??? haha.

    I love the pics. Your daughters are beautiful and thank you for not matching in these!

  2. i'm serious, you guys! i hate labels with a PASSION.

    [donning scarlet "L"]

  3. use the newborn card if anyone says anything. but i doubt anyone will even notice :P

    dude, you changed your layout! i like it :)

  4. Okay. You better watch out, because I'm about to come kidnap that kid of yours. Seriously. The. Cutest. Kid. Ever. The cheetah print fucking gets me. The kid's, what? 3 months old? And already more fabulous than me? Hrmmmph. I'm in love. Happy Christmas to the Wans!

  5. the bean already has stylish hair - love it!

  6. All of you look so cute :)

    My husband did not care one bit about the holiday cards "we" made. I barely got him to sign his own name.

  7. Better than hand writing them at this point.

    *I can barely type...my hand is stuck in the writing pose*

    Cute pics!

  8. I don't know what's worse -- Picture People or Smilestore.

  9. i love the leopard jacket your baby has on :) the pictures came out great

  10. I want to bite the bean's cheeks. So freakin' cute.

  11. the bean says, "rawr!" too cute.
    you all look cute. :)

    i want s'more nipple treats, but i really need to stop in this holiday overindulging.

  12. i'm so feeling the lepoard right now.


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