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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

it's the 2nd wan-niversary!

unbelievable.  i just can't get over the fact that this was two years ago:

we were so grateful to have this happy group of 26 people share that special time with us - some of our closest and most cherished family and friends trekked across the pacific and celebrated the official beginning of our happy little family.

we've had lots of changes, quite a few high and low moments, celebrated holidays, moved, and welcomed the bean into the family.  there's been tears, guffaws, smiles, tantrums.  the kid's graduated from elementary school and is a big, bad 7th grader who kicks ass and is too cool to take names. the bean's already been to maui to see where her parents got married. i've enjoyed some success in my fun little business venture. and the hub has continued his quest to "sell the world".   

and, look!  i managed to fit back into my dress!

effing SWEET.

check this. it's been a whole year since:

bwahahahahaha!  man, i still crack me up.

so we're going out to dinner tonight, and the kid and i were trying to get the hub to join us in wearing our wedding clothes (like my friend lilcee did on their anniversary), but no cigar.  well, he'll probably have a cigar, but he sure won't bust out his tux.  and he swears he'll walk out if i show up in a big poofy white dress.  damn.  that would've topped last year's bridal twirl fo' sho'.

anyway, to my dear hub (again, he won't ever read this, but so whatl):

i still get happy when you call to say you're coming home.  
i still get goosebumpy when you wink at me.  
i still get teary when i think of how much we went through to be together. 
i still smile to myself when i sign something and see my name tied to yours.  
i still look forward to getting my "hello" kiss when you walk in the door.  
i still get a little nervous when you take a bite of something i've cooked and bask in your praise even when it tastes like poo. 
i still think you're one hell of a hot and sexy man.  
and, i still get all warm and fuzzy whenever you say "i love you".

i love you too.  always and forever.  i'm proud to be your wife, and oh, so proud to call you my husband.  


  1. Wicked sweet post yo! ;) Happy anniversary to you and your family! :)

  2. ohhhh wan!!!!! so sweet. tears came to my eyes. and i loved, loved, loved your twirl. so happy for you.

  3. happy wan-niverseary! have i ever told you how much i <3 that video?


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