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Thursday, December 27, 2007

too many damn cooties!

so i was totally looking forward to having dinner with my cousin r, who lives in nyc and is home for a very brief holiday visit, and our friend k, who's my cousin's ex-girlfriend. we always have a great time together, and the last time we had some bonding time was this past summer in vegas. good times, good times.

i got a text yesterday morning from k, who said she was feeling like crap but was still planning on heading out. and then r called and said she was going to spend the afternoon napping, because she was feeling kind of out of it, and was hoping to sleep it off.

you can guess what ended up happening. we had to give in and cancel, because both girls still felt like shit and didn't want to give me any germs to take home to the bean. boo. but we rescheduled for saturday morning, when the kid would be around - we could have dim sum! mmm.

and i was supposed to drive out to BFE to see my BFF this afternoon - we had gifts to exchange, and she still hadn't met the bean. we'd been trying to schedule a visit for weeks, and i was finally set on driving down to her casa today. and guess what?

yup. her kids were feverish and yakking and crap. ew. boo x 2. so we've now postponed to next week.

plus, the hub's grandfather and brother were both sick on christmas day. we still went to have dinner with them all, but had lots and lots of purell on hand. heh.

so now we're sitting here waiting for my parents to come and take us to lunch. yay! at least SOMEONE'S well enough to spend time with us.


  1. Boo on cooties. Postponement was a wise choice. Bean protection is of utmost importance.

  2. Glad the bean is staying healthy!

  3. something is definitely going around. try to stay healthy out there!

  4. I'm glad to have missed the cooties this year. Boo to being sick!


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