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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

post-holiday letdown

i remember reading "peanuts" comic strips when i was younger where lucy talked about experiencing a little bit of depression after all the christmas gifts were opened, trees were dismantled, and decorations put away.

i go through this every year. i so love christmas. i love the smell of a fresh tree and drinking hot chocolate while pulling ornaments out of the storage boxes and reminiscing about holidays past. i dig making our list of people and thinking about what gifts to buy for them. i enjoy lugging the bags (or, like this year, bringing the boxes in when the ups man drops them on the doorstep) in from the car. i have a ton of fun wrapping and labeling each present, imagining the recipient's response when they tear apart the pretty paper and see what's inside. and i like how the giving and love of the season brings out the best in people. what can i say, i'm a sap. but y'all knew that already ;)

and now...it's over. boo. i know it'll be here again before i know it, because this year absolutely flew by, but i'm still a little sad that all the planning and anticipation is over. and it was the bean's first christmas! awwww.

we're trying to think of something fun for new year's eve now. the kid is all over us to figure out a cool way to ring in 2008, and so far we haven't thought of a single damn idea. the hub's got tickets for the rose bowl game, so at least he'll have fun on january 1st, but that just means we damn well better think of some new year's eve fun for the rest of us!


  1. I'm always a little sad, too! But you're right, it'll be here again before we know it!

  2. The Donnas are playing would Louis XIV at the OC Fairgrounds on NYE. The Monkeys will be there....

  3. i know, our little tree looks sorta sad now that all the presents are gone. poor thing :(

  4. I definitely experienced this phenomena this year. Weird. I don't remember feeling this way last year.


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