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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ah, mid-season has begun.

i'm officially hooked. i so love trash tv. it's not even a guilty pleasure for me - i totally own that shit.

one of my most favoritest shows in the whole wide world is "the bachelor". okay, so none of them have actually resulted in an actual marriage - because it took a BACHELORETTE to do it right. heh. and i love when they use a rejected contestant from a prior season to find love and "begin the journey" (they ALL say that shit and i laugh every time).

so i was pretty stoked last night when the new season finally began, with last season's jilted would-be fiance. i felt so sorry for him when deanna (i know the "d" and "a" are supposed to be capitalized, but that's stupid and i don't like it, so there) let him go on and on and even get down on one knee before she finally decided to stop him and tell him he wasn't "the one." dumb ass ho. i know there was a lot of deanna-hate after that episode. and karma bit her in the ass, because her relationship with the guy she DID pick didn't last long.

the hub and i (yeah, i made him watch with me) already have our favorites, but we were pretty surprised at a couple of the chicks he decided to keep. and then as we watched the previews of the rest of the season, we were dismayed at how much detail they revealed. deanna comes back! jason runs crying out onto the terrace, overcome with emotion! jason plays tonsil-hockey with a bunch of different women! one of them spends the night and comes home in his clothes! oh, the drama! but i was annoyed when they did an overhead shot of the proposal and showed jason swinging around a girl wearing a blue dress in blissful delight. soooo...when the final episode airs and they show one of them getting dressed, we're gonna know who he picked. wah waaaaaahhhhhh.

whatever. i'm so glued to the tv for the entire season.

and then after that was over, the magic that is "true beauty" began. now that is some quality television! produced by ashton kutcher and tyra banks, it's a competition between five women and five men, all believing themselves to be the most beautiful people in the whole wide world. in fact, the prize is inclusion in people magazine's next "most beautiful people" issue. and these folks' egos are in-flay-ted. whoo, boy. if you haven't seen it yet (and actually WANT to), i won't spoil it, but the heffa who got the boot was the one i disliked the most. heh.

of course, the show has a twist - the judges (cheryl tiegs, vanessa minnillo, and nole marin) are judging these utterly shallow, somewhat attractive folks on their outer AND inner beauty. we snorted at the final "test" for the bottom two contestants, in danger of elimination: would they open the door for some poor dude juggling about a dozen different frappuccinos? oh em gee!


besides, i already know who the most beautiful people in the whole wide world are. inside AND out, fools!


  1. cute conclusion. i must admit i merely skimmed this entry. sorry, neither show interests me. :P

  2. Hee. I watched both shows last night too (well, only the second half of the Bachelor as Gossip Girl was on at 8). I really liked Jason from the Bachelorette and you know I love watching train wrecks.

  3. i was shocked, shocked! when jim told me he watched true beauty (i was already in bed). he said he actually thought vanessa minnillo was a good host. who knew?!

  4. I've always loathed Deanna. Can't wait to get my hands on the DVR and catch-up on the Bachelor.

  5. I'm not digging the midseason shows - until Lost starts again. And whenever Dollhouse decides to start.

  6. love, love, love the bachelor. and this season looks extra juicy.

  7. only one thing - you're missing the beauty that is 'Momma's Boys'. Yes, try it out, although it's about 1/2 way through the season, it's been reality-alicious so far.

  8. I don't watch either of those shows, but what the hell with showing the blue dress chick??? I'll bet they both are wearing blue dresses in the end or something like that to try and throw you off.


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