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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

since i am the snack queen

my mom stopped in for a visit on saturday morning bearing gifts.

look! they're seriously as big as my head! okay, not exactly, but pretty damn close. and wow, were they good. there's nothing like fresh, flaky, buttery croissants to start the day off right.

the bean had a great time playing with her lola ("grandmother" in tagalog).

rockin' more of those new footie PJs, she posed and posed.

i dig this dress. and that cheesy ass grin.

bean, meet pocky. pocky is delicious.

"whaddaya mean, that was the last piece?!?"

"ah, hell. is the box just as good?"

i managed to unearth another box the next morning. yay for pocky!

the hub took one look and moaned.

"you're SO going to turn her into the snack princess, aren't you?"

oh to the yeah.


  1. Em has those monkey pjs! And Em NEEDS that HK dress!


  2. those ARE giant croissants!

  3. Mmmm Pocky! Photos of the Bean seriously warm my heart.

  4. I think Snack Princess has a nice ring to it. :)

  5. I'll say it again - those cheeks kill me.every.single.time.

  6. Pocky is love!!! The kids love the GIANT Pineapple Pocky! I've only managed to find them in Hawaii but maybe Mitsuwa or Marukai has them??? Hello Kitty is love, I bought some HK stuff at H&M and the mister said I'm pushing my obsession on the girls! Damn straight, HK has been my bff since I was 6!

  7. strawberry shortcake!

    i love that 2nd pic of her in the pjs. super cute.

  8. I love Hello Kitty and Pocky. Were those Costco croissants? We just bought a pack last week and those suckers are huge.


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