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Monday, January 5, 2009

i'm going, going, back, back

so i can recap some stuff i managed to overlook in the last couple of [ridiculously crazy] weeks.

let me take you back. back to the day before christmas eve. "christmas eve eve day," i call it. that's stupid, i know. but it sounds cooler than "december 23rd."

i'd gotten an e-mail from trish inviting me to lunch that she and r were planning at the last minute. since they were somewhat in my 'hood, they thought of me, and i'm so glad they did! we met at r's office (where i caught a glimpse of her two bosses, and it was fun to put faces to the insane stories she's shared), and then i drove us to the americana at brand, where r had made a reservation for us to eat at granville cafe.

we had a great lunch (they have a ribeye steak sandwich that is DELISH), and the bean enjoyed her chocolate milk and turkey sandwich from the kids' menu.

afterwards, we went next door to the newly-opened crumbs bake shop. ohhh, it is mighty dangerous to know that this place is so close to home. but i straightened up, made a vow to restrain myself, and strode in.

that resolve came damn close to dissolving once my sweet tooth got a gander o'this.

*gulp* but true to my word, i selected two flavors, paid the girl, tucked tail and got my happy ass outta there ASAP. i went with the "hostess" and boston creme.

and then trish mentioned that she wanted to pick up a cream puff at the beard papa's kiosk, and the glutton in me reared its ugly head. in my defense, i only bought ONE cream puff, which i stuck in the bag containing my box of two ginormous crumbs cupcakes. heh. it was the holiday season, people. sweets containing more calories than dollars in my checking account were perfectly acceptable.

and there was a pinkberry almost within spitting distance, too. heh. but i put the blinders on as we walked past it to grab warm drinks at coffee bean. somehow, pinkberry now takes a back seat to other yummy stuff because there's one so close to home now. and it was chilly!

after i dropped off the ladies back at r's office, the bean and i went straight home. did not pass go, did not collect $200. i brought my box of cupcakes inside the house and was a little sad to see that the box had tipped over during mr. toad's wild ride, aka driving home with me at the wheel.

whatever. they tasted wonderful.

while out and about with the teen, i saw this chick wearing these uggs that i liked:

tucking jeans into tall uggs is a pain in the ass, yo. i bet zippers make it mucho easier. shut up, i know i'm too old for that look. i don't care, i'm still cute.

i cracked up at this jones soda i saw at starbucks.

during our last trip up to the ILs' in wrightwood, the hub finally got the teen to ride one of the ATVs. she always declines, but she must've been bored.

the bean had to go out and see for herself. she was quite amused at her sister's getup.

during that same trip, she discovered the yummy goodness of fresh snow. and despite the fact that her little hands were freezing, she kept going back for more.

we finally assembled the bean's "big" christmas present from santa this weekend. the sunroom has officially been transformed into playland central.

ah, i think that covers it. i'm spent. i think it's time for a cookie.


  1. You have such a fun life, cupcakes and cream puffs included.

  2. i'm sad that it's the new year and i can't stuff myself with all those delicious goodies anymore :(

  3. Jealous of your lunch! :)

    I like the third pic of Bean on ATV. Looks really natural.

  4. holy crap! they make uggs w/ zippers?! I need to get me a pair of these stat. I hear you about shoving my jeans in my classics. It's not even possible w/ my maternity jeans since they don't make skinny jeans! can you believe that?

  5. That is a deeelicious lunch, with fabulous company :)

  6. That sounds like an amazing eating day.

  7. mmmm...cream puffs...mmmm...pinkberrry...mmmm...cupcakes...

  8. "after i dropped off the ladies back at r's office, the bean and i went straight home. did not pass go, did not collect $200"

    love this. didn't know they had a crumbs there. i have yet to venture to the pseudo valley in a long, long time.

  9. oh you can still totally rock the uggs with the jeans tucked inside thing. sometimes when i see pics of your teen, i'm like we have some of the same looks, makes me wonder when teenagers see me out and about, they are probably like look at that old lady trying to look young. whateves though right?

  10. Smiling all over again at lunch that day. :) You forgot to mention the mad dash through the flowers to retrieve your sun glasses under the side eye of the law. ;)


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