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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just a couple of things

  • folks who haven't read my blog since the beginning of time have been asking why the bean's eyes are blocked in some of the older pictures. i used to do this for privacy reasons - i still wanted to show off my kid while avoiding showing her entire face. heh. but when i entered her into a couple of baby contests and was totally vote-whoring, it became a moot point. and when i did the 2008 photo recap, i was too lazy to dig up the original pics sans eye blockers. so there you have it.
  • i completely forgot to mention visits from two SFAMily members during the rose parade camp-out! i can't believe i overlooked it - i was totally delirious from uploading all the pictures and sheer length of that post. but i was so excited when amber called on her way home and stopped on colorado boulevard, just to say hi and wish us luck! she'd been invaluable in updating me on the goings-on in the area that morning, and i was happy to see her, even though it was short and sweet.

    and then, as we were relaxing in our fabulous curbside bed, i was talking to the teen when she looked up and smiled - and when i turned my fat, lazy head, there was trish! yay! she and her hub had been having dinner just down the street and around the corner, and since i'd been updating my facebook status as to where i was, she found me pretty easily. we laughed at my luck in finding a spot in front of tiffany's, exchanged "happy new year" hugs, and then she was off to get her "happy new year" kiss from her hub.

    i puffy heart my SFAMs.


  1. it was so fun to see you guys! and i was shocked that i found a parking spot right in front, too. yay for the street being blocked off an hour later ;)

  2. Haha! I was so glad I got to see y'all and wish you a happy new year :)


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