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Thursday, January 22, 2009


preparations for "operation downsize" have begun.

the bean and i trucked our happy asses down to home depot yesterday to pick up some moving boxes, so we (well, i) could get started on sorting and packing. ugh, i hate this part with every fiber of my being.

not to mention, spending cash on cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. is a total pain in the ass. i could be spending that money on fun stuff, like pocky or chicken mcnuggets. oy.

i put this box together and started filling the partitions with glasses (why on earth we have 30 stinking drinking glasses, i'll never know), and the bean decided she'd help out and dropped random stuff in the little compartments, too.

i managed to fill about four boxes full of kitchen crap, even with the bean underfoot the whole time. she thought it was great fun to pull things out as soon as i turned my back to get more. i swear, if she weren't so dang cute, i'd probably be a little frustrated.

the hub was pretty excited to come home and realize i'd been proactive for once. not to mention, the smell of the yummy beef stew coming from the crock pot was totally droolworthy. and then he stopped and sniffed the air again.

"do i smell brownies, too?"

oh, yes.

cleaning out the pantry = extra bonus fun snacks! everybody wins!


  1. BROWNIES!!! I made crockpot dinner last night too :)

  2. I seriously hope my husband never meets you. I don't ever want him to realize that other wives do waaaay more around the house than I do.

  3. I hope your brownies were moist and didn't come out hard.

  4. bwahahahahaha!

    I fucking hate packing & moving too. Hate it.

  5. packing and moving is the worst.
    i have to say you are totally embracing operation downsize. i should write a post about my own.

  6. Silly child who is looking to save money - you do know you can get moving boxes for free, don't you?

  7. I'm crying. You don't understand. Fresh baked brownies are my FAVORITE.


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