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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the winner takes it all

ugh. the wan house currently looks like this:

and that's not even close to half of it. i didn't even get to touch the ol' blog yesterday, since MIL came over to help me get us packed. oy.

but we now have a set of shiny new keys and garage and gate clickers. we signed the lease yesterday, and brought a few boxes along when we went to show the teen the new place.

"it's bigger than i thought it would be, but it's still small. it's cool," she proclaimed. whew.

this morning, i finally put all of the names in a hat. well, i couldn't find a hat. i found a salad bowl.

i called the bean over, and she came running to do her part:

(please forgive my blurry pictures, as it was rather difficult to snap away while trying to make sure she didn't just run over and grab a handful of winners from the bowl)

she reached in:

and here's our winner!

and here's melissa's prize:

i actually did try out a variation of your recipe last week, but i did the chicken in the oven rather than the crock pot. and it was a HUGE hit - the hub loved it, and it's going in the rotation for sure. i'm pretty positive that the teen will dig it too, so next time she comes home, your salsa chicken will be on the menu. mmmm!

a big thank you to everyone who submitted ideas and/or links. i really appreciated it, and it helped me tremendously in getting through the last couple of weeks. the pantry and the freezer are a lot less full, too. less to pack, less to move! whee!

now, i'll see if i can get through all of those san diego pics. here's a sneak peek, though, of one of my favorite moments of sea world day:



  1. love love love that last picture!!

  2. She is so mesmerized in that last pic. Fab.

  3. the caption of that last picture could be "holy crap! you guys are HUGE!"

  4. Love the Sea World pic!! That's cool the bean isnt afraid of characters, I dont think my goddaughter could pose with a character until she was almost 4.

  5. Good luck with the move. I was going to say Elmo is Huge!! but everyone else already did...

  6. moving is the pits! but that last picture was so worth it!

  7. I didn't win, but I think I love the contest anyway because Bean chose the winner. ;)

    Elmo had better not be dry humping Bean's leg. I will kick his fluffy, red ass.

  8. That last pic is SO damn adorable! She's like "WOW!!!"

  9. That last picture kills me. I used to work at the Sesame Street Store back in the day. It was all Elmo, all the time. :-)

  10. That whole Sesame Street area creeps me out for some reason. When we wander in there by accident we always have a hard time figuring out how to get back out. It's anxiety producing.

  11. Awesome SD pic!! I love! The moving looks like it's going well, no? And for the record, the mister and I were very happier in a smaller and cozier place. Home is home, it is what you make of it, and you don't need a lot of room to make a good one!


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