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Saturday, January 17, 2009

eyebrow FAIL.

so i found one area in which it doesn't pay to save a buck.

the teen and i headed to a local nail salon to have our eyebrows done a couple of days ago. because of our expense-slashing, we'd cancelled our bi-weekly appointment with our regular waxer and put off finding a new place for as long as we could stand it. we're in total agreement that we don't trust ourselves to DIY, and refuse to even try for fear of total failure.

we lasted a month. and then we finally looked at each other and realized we had some big ass caterpillars kickin' it over our eyes. damn. so after making a few phone calls, we settled on a place that one of her friends recommended.

that's the last fucking time i take a recommendation from an EIGHTH GRADER. what the hell was i thinking??

luckily, the teen's brows look fine, although she doesn't think so. on the way home, she lamented our visit as she examined herself in the mirror.

"mom, i want to go back and punch out the rest of that lady's teeth," she snarled.


and as for me, i guess it's a good thing i've got some time to find a new place. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. I HAVE NO FUCKING EYEBROWS LEFT.

and it didn't help that the hub burst out in shocked laughter when he looked at me and realized that we'd finally gone for a bushwhacking. ugh.

never. going. back.


  1. You know which old-school picture this picture reminds me of, right?

    I think they look ok.

    But, yeah, it's not Damone. :(

    I've heard good things about Wax on Melrose. It costs less than Damone...but it's next to Paul Frank and across from Tarina Tarantino, which is a dangerous dangerous thing. ;)

  2. Oh no! Yeah, that's where you don't want to skimp on - eyebrows are just too important!

    One time when I was low on cash I got the brows waxed for $8 when I was getting a pedicure. Never again.

    I too have heard good things about that Wax place on Melrose. Good luck.

    Oh and they don't look bad!

  3. I don't think they look bad either, although I think I'd need the full-face picture to see how thin they really made them.

  4. My eyebrows on a budget tip: find an Indian salon that does threading. It's usually MUCH cheaper than waxing and I'm thrilled w/ the results. It's amazing how precise they can get and leave a beautiful arch w/o taking too much. My local salon (Texas) offers a membership w/ a fee, but each threading for the rest of the year is only $8! Good luck!

  5. I don't even get my 'brows waxed, way jealousE the teen does. ;)

    FWIW, I think they look fine as well, but I'd probably need to see a full-face pic.

  6. Like many others, I think they look fine, but a full-face pic might tell a different story.

    I go to Marina at Faces European Skin Care on 3rd St. (near The Grove). She's great and has fixed my brows after they got overwaxed by a different salon.

  7. if you are ever close to rancho cucamonga, try ziba in victoria gardens. i was a faithful waxer until someone told me about them, and i swear by threading now. only $11. ask for pinky.
    p.s. they look fine and in no time they will grow back:)

  8. OMG - Like an idiot, I did the same thing.... right before my wedding. I wad getting my nails done and needed an eyebrow wax and stupidly let them do it at the nail salon. I only had half an eyebrow on the left side. TG for eyebrown pencil. GL until they grow out

  9. hard to see if they're too thin from the photo but it doesn't look like it! but i know what you mean...when things aren't right, they just aren't right. especially when it comes to your face!
    i almost died laughing about the teen saying "...the REST of her teeth". never trust a waxer missing teeth.

  10. I don't think they look bad . . . but what the hell were you thinking taking recommendations from a teenager?????????

  11. ditto on the not that bad. mine are usually thinnish, but that's because of the weird shape they grow in and i have to go thin to even them out.

    i've found a really cheap, vietnamese-run nail salon by my house that i was leery of, but they do a really good job. you just gotta find the right place. too bad it sometimes takes some experimentation.

    and well, now you have longer until your next wax, right? save more money. ;)

  12. seriously they don't look that bad. Look ok, slightly on the thin side. It is certainly no Damone par but nevertheless inexpensive.

    I have yet to find a great place for brows. What about Brauhaus? Bit on the pricey side for $30. Have you tried yelp reviews?

  13. They're not THAT bad. At least there's enough you don't have to DRAW them on. At least they'll grow back, right?

  14. At least you didn't do it before a big event. They'll grow back, don't fret!

  15. OOOoo now I get the FB comment you left me. (sorry I'm behind on blogs!)

    OK! Lesson learned going to my eyebrow girl tonight and spending the $11


    Sorry re: bush wacking... yikes :-/

  16. Oh man...I'm cracking up! And simultaneously scared. My eyebrow lady quit after Christmas and never came back. I need a new person but can't afford high end grooming. I don't know how much longer I can hold out....

    They don't look terrible. Just more thin than you're used to. Like most teenagers like to get them. ;)

  17. they really aren't awful, but i would be annoyed, too. :(


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