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Thursday, January 8, 2009

just another evening in the wan house

i've been like freaking betty crocker this week. the hub has been coming home to new recipes for dinner every day, and he loves it. for one, it's way cheaper than eating out, and it's also fun for me to try out new stuff. so some of it's in the crock pot (courtesy of this blog), and the rest of it comes from various food blogs i found on the cooking board at the nest.

while last night's pork chops were baking in the oven, i got a wild hair up my butt to make some bread pudding. i'd found a yummy looking recipe for the crock pot and had been craving it ever since. while i didn't have time to make that particular one, i did have time to throw together a regular recipe for it. it's totally easy:

cut some bread up into 1-inch cubes and arrange in a baking dish. most recipes call for raisins, but you already know where i stand on those. i put in pecans instead. (quick note: a lot of my pictures suck ass because i turned off the flash. but they looked even worse WITH the flash. i've really gotta watch those DVDs that came with my camera)

as i worked, i had a captive audience.

she got bored watching me cut and mix and stir, and quickly moved on to the microwave. ours has a pop-out knob that you use to set the time, and she loves to push it in and out. in fact, she loves it SO much, she made out with it.

back to the bread pudding: whip together some eggs, milk, cream, sugar, and cinnamon. pour over the bread, make sure every piece is soaked, and put it in the oven. since my big oven was already occupado, i used my mini - the convection oven.

with some time to kill, the bean showed off all her fun tricks. she performs on command, you know. like, if i say "bean gone wild!" she does this:

like every girl on the planet, she sucks in her belly when it's exposed. and this is a combo - "where's your tongue?"

"how old are you?"

"where's your nose?"

"where's your belly button?"

by this point, she's over it and toddling over to the cottage to hide from her crazy mom.

anyway, dinner was a smashing success, and after i cleared away all the dishes, the hub and the bean went to play while i made the whiskey sauce for the bread pudding.

i served it up:

and it was a huge hit! the hub shared his with the bean, and she couldn't get enough.

this cooking thing sure is satisfying. for tonight's dinner, i'm tacking a recipe for pho. oh, yes. i'm already cracking lame ass jokes - pho shizzle.


  1. dude pho is hard to make, so i've heard. can't wait to see the results!

  2. Your camera came with instructional dvds?? Please report back on your results tomorrow pho sure.

  3. DUDE.... do you really say "Bean Gone Wild" and she raises her shirt???
    I CANNOT stop laughing.

  4. LOVE bean gone wild! and i got to witness it firsthand already. whee!

    so um, i decided it's more worth it to go pay $5-7ish for pho than make it at home. and i even cheated by starting with ready-made broth. good luck!

  5. " in fact, she loves it SO much, she made out with it."

    after i scrolled to see that picture, i laughed. oh so hard. so hard that people in the library turned and looked at me. YES. A+

  6. We have the same stance on raisins in bread pudding. Yours looks fantastic!

  7. Bury me next to Nanette.

    So cute!

  8. I can't get over that belly!

    I'm a raisin-hater as well.

  9. Your captive audience is far more entertaining than mine. Mine sits on the border between the kitchen and dining room, just watching. And judging.

  10. I made chicken pho this week! We are now eating it once a week since it was so easy to make. Lemme know if you wanna try out my way...

  11. hehehe.

    i don't do raisins either. pecans, on the other hand, are a-ok!

  12. bean gone wild!!! love! what a cute tummy.

  13. I died at "she made out with it". When I came back to life, "Bean gone wild" killed me again. Double dead.

    If it weren't for the whole money thing, I might enjoy working PT and being home to cook often. :)


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