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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

easily amused

i bought the molly a muzzle. the teen got so angry with me when she saw it, as i laughed my ass off. i haven't actually put it on her aside from this one time when i tried it on her, but it's fun to torture the teen.

so the teen is a member of the jonas brothers fan club. of course. you wouldn't expect any different, would you? anyway, they'd been promising some super fantastic membership gift for months and months, and finally, last week, this arrived.

there was much rejoicing and excitement when it was spotted, and she opened it very carefully so as not to damage the packaging. oy vey. anyway, the box contained an uber special and oh-so-exclusive "team jonas scrapbook." the teen squealed and swooned as she perused it.

that is one happy camper right thurr. and every time i look at how the light hits her as she clutches her prize, i hear a heavenly "aaaaahhhhhhhhhh..."

the bean likes to watch tv like this:

and she cracks me up when she plays with "her baby." um, and snacks on her.

speaking of snacks, i was immensely amused by this:

those of you who know me in real life will get it. i think. although the hub and the bean both gave me the side eye as i cackled at the dinner table.

"you've got issues, babe," the hub smirked as he dug into the brown sugar brie i served up. whatever. it was scrumptious and he knew it. the teen enjoyed it, too, and just ignored me as i continued to giggle quietly.

whatever. it's so way better to be the way i am than to be the kind of person who isn't entertained by anything. at least, i like to think so.


  1. That pic of the bean made me giggle. As Tyra would say, it looks like an editorial pose. :-)

    Where can we find wee brie?

  2. The Wee Brie made me giggle . . . but then I wanted a wedge. Why did Molly need a muzzle? Poor thing. (and she looked like a horse in the picture for some reasons, hee)

  3. i need me some wee brie. to sit next to my spam singles.

    mini brie in puff pastry!!! eee!

  4. I'm with Winne - Mollie totally looks like a horse in that picture.

    And the Bean's not watching tv, she's POSING! And doing her yoga standing camel.

  5. the bean is going to make a fabulous mother one day. =)

  6. Excellent mothering skills of the bean :D

  7. Your daughter is into sucking toes! Nanner nanner.

  8. I need to put that on my shopping list. Yum brie. wait. Is that pasteurized?

    Awww, poor Molly, she does not look happy in that contraption. Why did u purchase one?

  9. I couldn't stop at just one Wee Brie. Can you?
    Why the muzzle for your West Coast Molly??

  10. I just finished the pack of Wee Brie I bought last week and it delights me to no end to see it on your blog! :)


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