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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

grasping at straws

after we picked up the teen from school, the three of us headed to toys r'us to exchange some pajamas that MIL had given the bean for christmas. i'd been lamenting the lack of warm jammies with feet, because the li'l shit loves to pull her socks off, toss them to the floor, and cackle her ass off. so MIL filed that tidbit away in her head and come christmas day we opened a package full of about ten pairs of footie PJs. yay!

too bad they were just one size too small. so she dug up the receipt for me this weekend, and i thought it would be fun to drag the teen along for the ride.

to be completely honest, this post is totally worthless. i really just wanted to post this picture of the bean, who was thrilled to find a stack of little chairs that were just her size.

my god. i hope that this year of downsizing and saving doesn't render my entire blog absolutely and unequivocally useless.


  1. Photos of the super cute Bean cost nothing, so I'm sure your blog material will stay afloat!

  2. ii was hoping for pictures of the PJs. all ten sets, please. =)

  3. If you start posting about making pajamas out of old pillow cases and popsicle sticks then I'll worry about the affects of your downsizing. Pics of Bean will be just fine. :)

  4. [deleting post about making pjs out of old pillowcases]

    You can just continue posting about the teen, the bean, and food!

  5. she's already posing!

    pictures of the teen and bean are free. and you can start blogging more about your cooking? or just not blog, like me. ;)

  6. the bean looks so proud of herself in that chair. ha!

  7. I agree, pictures of the bean in footie pj's will never get old. :)

  8. The bean is turning into quite the little drama queen, no? Time for a pair of dark sunglasses and a world weary smile.


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