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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

peanut, peanut butter. and jelly!

the bean got her first PB&J over the weekend.

as with most of the milestones i jump for joy over, this probably doesn't sound like a biggie. but peanut butter is one of those things you aren't supposed to give to wee ones until a certain age due to possible allergies. some folks say a year, some a year and a half, some wait until two. but i found myself sharing my reese's fro-yo with the bean a couple of weeks ago and realized that if she wasn't breaking out in hives or anything, it must be okay to start.

and start we did! she still isn't quite sure of it, but she gave it a go and ate a few little squares of sandwich.

"what the hell IS this, mom?"

"fine, i'll give it a try."

"hey, it isn't bad! thanks, mom."

this weekend also found us taking down all of our christmas decorations. while the hub went out with the ladder to take down the lights, the bean had fun helping me put away all of the ornaments from the tree.

she was rockin' her brand new converse shoes that i found on clearance.

of course, the strands of lights that i unwound and carefully rewound into coils were like a magnet for little hands. um, and mouth.

our tree was surprisingly not as dried-out as we'd expected, despite of the heater running constantly. but damn, it made a mess when i moved it.

and then later that night, as she played in her rose tree cottage (and tore it apart, ha), i damn near peed my pants when i looked over and saw her just kickin' it.

in the toy box.

obviously, she thought it was funny too. oh yes, we're teaching her early to be able to laugh at herself. you grow up less bitter and angry that way.


  1. Love the last 2 sentences. Also love those Converse!

  2. I thought it was no peanut butter until they were 3?! But you know strictly I adhere to those rules :)

    She's a dork, just like her mother!

  3. what time is it? peanut butter jelly time =)

    that bean is darling!!

    Your baby is getting preciouser and preciouser every day. I cannot believe how adorable she is. And dude, I am so with you on your last sentences.

  5. Mr. Monkey bought Uncrustables at Costco the other day.


    Of course, as we all know, that makes me Mrs. Idiot.


  6. laughing and pointing at mr. and mrs. monkey.

    anyway, the bean is so freakin' cute. i know a couple who accidentally fed their two-year old some peanuts (it was mixed up in some pad thai) and had a really bad scare. baby is ok now but def. allergic.

    love the last two lines, too.

  7. My God, I can't believe how grown up she is looking now!

  8. So happy the Bean won't be eating at the peanut free table in school ;) So when do you enter the exciting world of shellfish? ;)

  9. cracking up at the bean laughing at herself. wish i had my own toy box to kick it in. =)

  10. Her bangs grew out looking really cute :) I love all the pictures and the last two sentences.

  11. That last quote, "teaching her early to be able to laugh at herself. you grow up less bitter and angry that way" is WAY priceless.

    I love this. You go mama.

  12. Cracking up at the bean chilling in her toy box. She is too cute.

    Oh I love uncrustables. I guess that makes me Idiot II. heh.

    yay for PB&J sammiches. I had some for breakfast. yum.

  13. those cheeks get me every.single.time.

  14. I still love PB&J.

    I finally took my tree down Sunday night. Finally.

    That picture of Bean chillin' in her trunk made me laugh. Love it.


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