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Monday, January 26, 2009

thunder is scary

the bean is napping, so we'll do the draw for the sephora giveaway later today, i promise.

i also have 650+ pictures from the fun-filled family weekend to go through. oy! but there are some really fun ones in there. i can't wait to post them.

last night, we were all tucked into our warm, comfy beds and out for the night - or so i thought. somewhere after midnight, my eyes popped open at a loud, roaring noise and what felt like an earthquake. luckily, the bean stayed asleep, but the hub awoke with a grunt.

"what the hell was that?"

and as we looked around, there was a bright flash of light from outside and we realized that it was thunder and lightning. it must've struck really close, because that shit was LOUD. and then a minute later, the rain started coming down - hard.

i thought about the teen, who in spite of her bravado, gets pretty freaked out by thunderstorms. i also wondered how mollydog was doing, at the local animal hospital where we dropped her off on friday afternoon for boarding. poor thing. she's such a scaredydog.

i wanted to get up and check on the teen, but the bean was using me as a human pacifier, and i knew she'd wake up if i moved. oy. then i felt the hub get out of bed and shuffle out, and then i saw a light go on. a few minutes went by, and then i saw the teen dragging in, clutching her pillow and rubbing her eyes. i scooted over to make room, the hub pulled the bean closer to him, and the teen snuggled in next to me.

it was a cozy little family bed for just a little while, before the hub realized he was damn near falling off the edge, and he got up to sleep on the couch. awww.

he's such a good guy. i think i'll keep him.


  1. awww what a sweetie indeed! what's with the babies and using their mommas as pacifiers as of late. i'm blaming the sprouting of some teeth. it bugs the heck out of me tho b/c once she's in lala land and at the verge of letting go, she'll chomp down REALLY hard with just a teensy bit of nip! TMI! Woo hoo!

    When does the dog come home? Or are you leaving her there in the midst of the moving?

  2. I heard this scary thunder over my house too! I thought the hail was gonna make a hole through the roof. I'm a scaredy dog too.

  3. the thunder was scary, but the HAIL was a whole other level of crazy! ;)

  4. Thumbs up to your husband! That's really sweet of him.

  5. awwww, good hub :) When was there thunder? I may have missed it.

  6. We never get thunderstorms like that! The husband is in LOVE with them. It's one of his complaints about Southern California.

  7. Hmmmm. No such thunder in my neck of the woods.

  8. It's like I live in a whole other state. I had none of that stuff going on. Crazy.


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