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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you gotta believe

today is another one of those days that we'll look back on in the future and reminisce.

"what were you doing when barack obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the united states?"

i sat on the bed with the hub and the bean this morning, so excited, joyful, and full of hope. we watched the news coverage, listened to the commentary, marveled at the hordes of exhilarated spectators who crowded in the space between the capitol and washington monument in 20ish degree weather. i literally got goosebumps at the sight of our new president, walking calmly through the hallways on his way to make his first appearance before the crowds.

and i totally smiled as his daughters were introduced and waved as they took their seats. they're just so cute, and i think it'll be great for the children of the country to have those two to look up to. it's always good to have role models who are polite, smart, and respectful, and that's exactly how they come across.

i listened to his inaugural speech, and as always was captivated by his warm smile and charisma. i'm in awe of how he's inspired people to believe in him and in their country again, and amazed at the difference he's already made in our outlook for the future. we've got one hell of a mess to deal with, but with the right leadership and the right attitude, in time, i just know we can pull ourselves out and make things right.

today, more than ever, i am so proud to be an american.


  1. Did you see Malia (I think it was her and not Sasha, I get them confused) give him the thumbs-up? Adorable.

  2. amen. change is sometimes a good thing.

  3. I will always remember where I was! I was watching my CWs class while she was on her ass watching the inauguration on the computer
    :( Bitter, table of one! I heard it was great.

  4. I wanted to talk to the hubs about the speech last night...yeah, he didn't even know yesterday was the inauguration. I'm embarrassed on his behalf.

  5. I hope this feeling will last for a long time and people will be willing to help fix the mess that's been made. Here's to hoping!

  6. it's really nice to feel hopeful again!

    his daughters are just adorable. although, it's not that surprising when you look at the parents. :)


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