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Monday, September 13, 2010

bean's birthday bash 3.0, post 1 of 4872938475

yeah, yeah, yeah.  i know i've been blathering on and on about this party for ages already, and you're likely pretty darn sick of it by now.  and the bash is still a few weeks away.  heh.  i'll try to restrain myself from going on and on about every little detail, i promise.

but i love these invitations so much that i have to share them.  and by now, most of the invitees have already received theirs.  yay!

we're using four colors to represent the monsters, inc. theme.  my goal is to incorporate the theme as much as i can without making it too commercialized, so you won't find a whole lot of actual character usage or preprinted party goods.  not that there's anything wrong with that, i just don't want to go that route.  so i bought the envelopes in all four colors and just alternated them.  green for mike wazowski, blue for sully, and the fuchsia and purple for boo:

i managed to find a couple of monsters, inc. fonts to use.  sadly for me, the one i really wanted to use wasn't compatible with my mac, so i had to settle for using a secondary font for a lot of stuff.  but i did manage to create a themed address label for the front.  since mike wazowski is a lime green ball-shaped monster, circles and polka dots are going to be quite prominent throughout this party.

i managed to find a "logo creator" site that worked really well.  you type in the text you want to use, choose the logo style, and it generates an image that can be copied & pasted.  it just so happened that the font i so wanted to use was one of the styles available, and i used it to make our return address labels.  because i'm lazy, i used these oval-shaped labels to close the envelopes.

then you open the envelope...

tug on the ribbon, and you get...this!

here's a close-up of the photos.

i assembled 40 of these things and stuffed, sealed and stamped them all.

i actually have a couple more to send out, but i'm pretty much done with them by now.  oh, and check out my sexy new wireless keyboard and mouse, courtesy of the hub.  i don't know if these count as early birthday presents or not, but either way, they're pretty awesome.

the bean and MIL went shopping at the disney store last week, and after i saw this, i was a little bummed that i switched the theme from toy story.  behold, bean lightyear:

maybe next year.


  1. Bean Lightyear is too cute! The invites are even more adorable in person!

  2. Cutest little monster EVER. Wowed once again by your creativity. <3 <3 <3!

  3. Those are awesome! Great work!

    I can't wait to get mine in person. :)

  4. will you make my birthday party invites, too? pretty please?? ;)

    we have that same cordless mouse - word to the wise, buy rechargeable batteries. you'll thank me later.

  5. i got mine yesterday, and it was so, so cute!! excellent work!

  6. Loved the invite!

    I saw this yesterday and thought of your original birthday theme: http://tinyurl.com/38h9vhp

  7. Great invites!! I loved the added detail to the ribbon ends (point and inverted point). Bean Lightyear is SUPER cute!

  8. Love the invites! I love all your creative ideas-inspiring!
    The Bean is by far one of the cutest space rangers I've seen. Celeste found Rj's old Buzz outfit tried it on fir about 10 mins just enough for me to get a pic & then she wanted it off because it's was her Kuya's. I was hoping she would like it enough to use for Halloween this year :-/

  9. The bean lightyear is so cute! As is the very creative invitation.

  10. Super cute invitation - I was very impressed when I opened it up. :)


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