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Friday, September 24, 2010

last birthday princess post of 2010

i promise, i'll be done after this.  do you love how it took me a whole week to recap birthday princess weekend?

but hold on.  we still have the bean's birthday bash to get through.  heh.

birthday cake, the morning after.

doing a little shopping and cracking up at the bean, trying on shoes she picked out herself.

got to scoop up a little something from the kate spade store:

something to go with my new toy, of course!

i debated ordering a hello kitty case online - i'd found one on amazon that was super cute, but the teen told me i needed to grow up.  heh.

but then we both cracked up as i unwrapped my vosges gianduja bar.  sexual chocolate!

at paper source, i bought myself something i'd been eyeing for ages:

and these were from the teen.  funny, they're all pieces she'd totally wear too.  ha!

add 75+ messages via e-mail, facebook, and twitter, and i'd say it was one hell of a fantastic birthday!


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