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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

this ain't your grandmother's junior league

it's hard to believe that i've been in the junior league for a whole year already.  seems like only yesterday i was attending that first open house, and then making the decision to join a fun group of women who work together to improve lives within the community.

anyway, last night was the first general membership meeting (GMM) of the year.  i managed to get myself placed on the fundraising/events committee for my first active year of membership, and we've already had a handful of meetings to start planning our one big, splashy fundraising gala.  it's called the "chocolate chip ball," and although i missed it last year, i'm kind of excited to have a reason to HAVE to attend the next one.  i love getting all gussied up, you know.  plus, it's a really special year for my junior league - it's our 85th anniversary! 

although my wardrobe is severely lacking in gussying-up attire.  so when the call went out for as many committee members to arrive at the GMM dressed to the nines to generate excitement for the ball and announce the venue and date, i was kind of conflicted.  i wanted to participate and be all in the spirit of things and all that, but WTF did i have to wear?  the ball is black-tie optional, and i sure don't have anything in that caliber (except my wedding dress, but no way).  i decided to just do the best i could and busted out my beloved kate spade LBD.

i pulled up at kidspace just in time, and waited a minute before emerging from the car in all my finery until i saw another committee member trudge across the parking lot in her floor-length gown.  chicken, i know.  hee! 

anyway, i was pleased to note that there was a good handful of suckers good sports in attendance, and we gathered to take a group shot.

it was a lovely meeting, and it was nice to see a lot of my fellow newbie active members.  we all got spread out across the dozen or so different committees, so we don't get to hang out as much as we did last year.  and our keynote speaker was fantastic.  she was really inspiring and funny, and it was interesting to hear facts and tidbits about the differences between the junior league of 1926 and now.

and on the way home, i got to thinking about what the hell i'd wear to the ball.  granted, it's in april and i have months and months to figure it out.  and then i thought about how one of the girls asked me if i'd made the dress i was wearing (ha, i wish!), and an idea sprouted in my peabrain:

what if i make my dress myself?

i could look for a really good, patient teacher to help me with the process - selecting a pattern that would be flattering, formal, and comfortable, choosing the right material, guiding me through the actual dressmaking.  i'm so proud of silly little things i make, like my iPad cover and the few garments i've made for the girls - i would be BEAMING with pride over being able to rock a dress i made for myself for a black-tie event.



  1. OMG where do you find the time? I say DO it!

  2. You look so teeny tiny and gorgeous in that pic.

    And you should definitely try to make the dress yourself!

  3. Do it! If it doesn't work out, you can always buy a dress. You've got nothing to lose.

  4. Look at you getting some good use out of that adorable KS dress. Nice!


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