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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's birthday princess week!

speaking of birthday princesses, it's mollydog's birthday.  yay!  she's six years old today.

so with all of the bean birthday bash planning, my own birthday princess month is getting sorely overlooked.  how sad.  and i was so pleased when she waited until october 1st to be born, so that september could still be mine, all mine.

but i got to kick off birthday princess week with a fun lunch date with my mom and stepdad on sunday.  it's always nice to head down towards the beach to meet up with them to do one of my most favoritest activities in world - eating, of course.  before we left, i put together a little flower arrangement using a bouquet from the grocery store, three recycled frappuccino bottles and a bit o'ribbon:

i'm no floral designer, but i was pretty pleased with the results.

lunch was at a new place:

cute place, right?  and they even have bocce happy hour outside:

i don't actually know what bocce is, but i'm sure it's super fun.

the bean fell asleep on the way down, but it didn't take her long to pull herself out of drowsy mode.

i ordered their french onion soup (not fabulous - i don't typically expect it to be sweet, ew) with half of a honey & wine braised beef panino with cheese (delish, should've just gotten a whole sammie) and caesar salad.

we had a lovely time as always, and then before we got back in the car to head over to their house to visit for a little longer, i headed next door to see if i could score some yummy dessert:

and wouldn't you know it, they were closed.  bah!  so sad.

at my mom's, i admired their little pot of zinnias on the counter:

my stepdad said they sprouted from a pack of seeds that cost about $.10, but i have a black thumb.  plants don't survive under my watch.  so i don't even try anymore.

i wonder what else might be in store for me for birthday princess week!  god knows i've reminded everybody that it's coming up at least once a day for the last few weeks.  heh.


  1. All I can think of is The B-52s now.

    I hate the damn B-52s.

  2. No SusieCakes? :-(

    Happy Birthday Princess Week!

  3. I love how the bean totally poses for the camera now! So cute.

  4. Jim would say that bocce is way fun. I find it boring. Heh. ;)


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