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Monday, September 27, 2010

your love is like a heat wave

ten years ago today, the hub and i went out on our first date.  i can hardly believe it.

he's been putting up with my silly ass for an entire DECADE!  amazing.  happy date-aversary, dear hub.  every day is an adventure.

speaking of adventures, one of our favorite things to do is to hop in the car when it's butt ass hot (like it was this weekend) and head off to the beach.  and we often find ourselves heading west, to a sweet little sort-of hidden spot in malibu.

of course, nothing happens without some sort of glitch.  as we're driving along, with my nose in a magazine and the bean engrossed in a DVD in the backseat, the hub stomps on the brake.  "holy shit, that car just flipped over!"

yikes.  i looked up, and sure enough, two cars in front of us was a big ass cloud of smoke and debris flying into the air.  the hub immediately dialed 911, stopped the car, hit the hazards, and ran out to help.  shockingly, his call was answered even before he'd opened the door, and he was reporting the accident within minutes of it happening. 

a couple of other cars stopped, too, and the drivers got out to check on the victims and try to move the bigger pieces of debris out of the lanes.  the cars behind us were annoying, though, as they honked and yelled at us.  seriously, people?  WTF!

first on the scene was a traffic cop who was absolutely no help whatsoever, and disappeared as soon as he heard the fire truck sirens.  CHP arrived soon after, and the fire trucks pulled up in front of and behind us.

luckily, the couple in the car wasn't seriously hurt.  they were being taken to the hospital anyway, and the hub had the task of calling their grown son to let him know what had happened to his parents.  geez.

the cops and firemen thanked him for his help, and then we were on our way.  we hit a little traffic as we got off the freeway, but it was worth it - there was a 30-degree difference between here and home.

along the way, we passed a long line of valets parking cars in a nearby lot, and i wondered if we'd get to see anyone interesting.  alas, it appeared to be a gathering of the l.a. clippers - with no paparazzi around but me.  ha!

 we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some snacks and then made our way to the beach, where we found that our cute little hideaway wasn't so secret at all.  but there was still plenty of room for us, and we set up our towels and umbrella and basked in the beautiful weather.

the bean was anxious to hit the water, and the hub was more than happy to oblige.  it's so funny how willing she is to play in the ocean now, considering she was super scared of it before.

they frolicked at the edge of the water for a while, while i stayed behind, relaxed in the shade, and munched on some grub.

btw, a tip:  don't buy those whoopie pies.  they sure looked good, but the filling was so full of yuck.  i've just gotta make some myself.  after all, i have a fabulous new cookbook dedicated to those little nuggets of yum.

and then she came back and tried to get me to come along.

"come on, it's fun!  i'll show you."

"the water tastes yucky, though."

"ah, forget it.  i'm going back in."

when she'd had her fill and teeth started to chatter, we packed up and headed off for a drive.  along the way, i noticed this party set-up at one of the beachfront homes and thought of how lovely the rest of it must be:

i always grin when i see this house.

we wove our way along PCH, going through santa monica to marina del rey to torrance before finally hopping on the freeway.  the bean had fallen asleep within minutes of getting buckled in after romping on the beach, and we took advantage of the quiet time to chat and take the long way home.

i'd seen on twitter that the tropical shave ice truck was in chinatown at the moon festival, and managed to talk the hub into stopping.  by then, the bean had woken up and brightened up at the prospect of a sweet and icy cold treat.  after doing a bit of circling, we finally found where a bunch of different food trucks were stopped.

and then i found it!  whee!

the bean was quite happy to share this giant (regular-size!) shave ice with me, with grape & bubble flavor plus ice cream at the bottom and a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk on top.

from the slammin' sliders truck, she got to nosh on some kobe beef yummies.

i may have taken a bite or two.  heh.

it was a lovely way to beat the heat and spend some quality time together.  and i can't wait to see what other adventures we go on together in the years to come.  awwwwww....


  1. Wow - that's crazy... On Saturday night we were driving on the 10 for Glow at Santa Monica and a SUV had flipped on its back, spilling tons of stuff across four lanes of fwy. We stopped because there was no help on the scene yet and Mr. Insom examined and stablized the person that was injured and translated for the paramedics when they arrived. So scary!

  2. Wow, that's so scary! Glad to hear the couple was ok. I must try that shaved ice someday. Yum.

  3. So the accident is no fun, but the rest of the day sounds awesome!


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