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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

yesterday, as we were sweating it out in the summer heat, i decided to make a treat for me and the bean.  i told her we were going to make our own mint chip milkshakes, and she was intrigued.

"what's a milkshake, mommy?" she asked.  and i was only too happy to show her as i busted out the makings for our delicious, cool snack.

she totally lit up at the sight of the ice cream, and begged me to let her scoop it into the blender.  of course, some might have magically found its way into her mouth.

after i poured in some fat free milk - that makes it healthy, right? - i told her to flip the switch.

she was quite startled by the racket that came from that thing.

but she got over it pretty fast - you know, in the time it took for me to pour some into a cup for her.  first, she inspected it (which took about a nanosecond).

then, a taste.

"this is the BEST milkshake i ever tasted, mommy!"  uh, yeah - it's the only one you've ever had, love.

and her new favorite thing:  "look at my milkshake moustache!"

i was lucky to get a coupla sips of that shake for myself.  i was afraid i'd lose a limb if i tried to get more.  heh.

you think i'm kidding.


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