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Friday, June 3, 2011

iPhone dump: cupcakes

i had over a thousand photos on my old iPhone.  yikes.  and as i went through them, i found a whole bunch of stuff i'd meant to blog but forgot about.  and so i present to you iPhone dump '11 - the cupcake version.

my friend AMP and i met up at a local cupcakery a couple of months ago.  it's known for a couple of signature flavors - the breakfast cake, a buttermilk-based cake with bacon and a maple frosting, topped with more bacon. and there's a "late night" cupcake.  chicken & waffles.  that's all i gotta say.

the shop is located in a good-sized strip mall-ish kinda place, with lots of parking.  we pulled up and found a spot right in front.

i was happy to see that there wasn't a line, and we headed inside to find AMP and baby j.  the bean was immediately drawn to the baby, as she always is.

we chatted for a few minutes while we perused the cupcake selections.

i ended up picking out...oh, a few.

they pack their individual mini cupcakes in this cute little upside-down cup.

it was nice to chat with AMP and meet baby j, and finally sample some of the cupcakes i'd heard so much about.  except that when we were done and the bean and i headed out to the car, we found this:

mothereff.  AMP kindly volunteered to stick around and wait for AAA with us, but i didn't want her to have to kick it with newborn j.  we sent them home while we waited - and luckily, the dude came in less than half an hour.

yay for non-flat tire!  the bean thought it was a "funny looking little tire."

i was so glad we'd gone when we did, because by the time we left, there was a crazy line out the door.

i've been back once since then - to try that chicken & waffles concoction.

the verdict?  well, it was a'ight.  i wouldn't make the drive out for it again.  and that shit was pricey!  dang.

oh, well.  it was worth a try, and now i won't wonder.  because, of course, i couldn't stop thinking about it until i got one.  i'm obsessive like that.


  1. I love My Delight....I miss my almost daily treats there :-(

  2. I've heard of this place. I will take your word for it. How was the Breakfast Cake? Not that good? That other local place, Cake Mamas, not so great either.I wanted to like it because it was local. Nothing beats a Dot's cupcake. There's a place in Chino Hills that some people rave about called Dolcissimo. But, I haven't tried it yet.

  3. I still love the late night cupcake, but only in its mini version.

    Iliana -- IMO the breakfast cake is just ok, but they have several other flavors in their rotation that are outstanding: red velvet, vanilla almond salted caramel, snickerdoodle, strawberry lemonade, mexican hot chocolate, chili mango.


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