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Thursday, June 30, 2011

take nothing for granted

on the heels of that afternoon spent listening and talking to matt logelin, awful news trickled in from the grapevine about a friend i hadn't really been in touch with recently.

i knew she was expecting again, with a baby boy who was joining two big sisters.  and a couple of days ago, he was born - beautiful and healthy.  her facebook posts were joyful and exuberant, filled with all the excitement of a new baby.

but then the posts turned somber.  it turns out that the very next day, she suffered a brain hemorrhage and is currently in a coma.  my god.  i'm numb just typing those words.  apparently, the doctors have reported that she's been somewhat responsive and that things are looking good, but she's still not out of it yet.

i haven't been able to stop thinking about her and her family since i heard.  i keep blinking back tears and checking her facebook page in hopes of an update.  she's so beautiful and loved, and her husband and kids need her so much.

hug your loved ones today, and if you're so inclined, think good thoughts for my friend. 


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