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Friday, June 24, 2011

playing with my food

i like to do silly stuff to my food.  sure, i can try to use the excuse of making it more interesting for the bean, but in fact i'm just a dork.  shocking, yes?

like when i was making patties for my salisbury steak and decided it would be fun to really put some love in that night's dinner.

whenever i'm making pancakes for breakfast, it always starts with "what color should we make them today?"

sandwiches are always more fun when they're something other than bread-shaped.

and leftover cookie dough makes for happy faces.

there are lots of other examples too, but i can't find the evidence.  oh, well.  you get the picture, right?


  1. you know you wanted to shape the meat like a penis..he he

  2. Too cute. You are SO going to be a bento mommy once Bean starts school. ;)

  3. More adults need to be like you and play with their food!


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