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Thursday, June 23, 2011

sugar coma

so even as i bellyache about that stupid scale and what a liar it is, i've been busting out some amazingly delicious junk from my kitchen.  heh.

if you're on pinterest, you've most likely run into this at least once - cinnamon roll pancakes with warm cream cheese glaze.  except that i was super lazy and didn't make the pancake part from scratch.  i don't think it mattered, because hot damn, these were delish.

going back to my friend jessica of the how sweet it is blog, i got a bug up my butt to try her triple layer cookies & cream crunch bars.  i timed this well, though - i made them on a day that we invited my cousin seven to have dinner with us.  these are homemade brownies with whole oreos sunk into the batter:

and then topped with more crushed oreos and chocolate chips:

because my sweet tooth was raging (and i've been looking for a good excuse to use them), i tossed these on top too:

the last layer is supposed to be melted chocolate and peanut butter mixed together and smushed on top to glue the crumbs and chips to the baked brownie.  but i was feeling saucy and used nutella instead.  after a couple of hours in the fridge, this is what we had:

i gave half the pan to seven to take home to brother seven before i even tried them.  and it's a damn good thing i did.  these are SO. EFFING. GOOD.  i would've eaten the whole pan, completely cancelling out the workouts i've done (and will do for the next gazillion years).

by the way, dinner was fantastic too.  i did a roast beef with mushroom gravy, some rice pilaf, and a spinach salad with more mushrooms and bacon bits.  total win.

oh, and the last thing wasn't for me - my friend kirkette hit me up to do some cake balls for her hubby on father's day.  she asked me to do a dozen in chocolate and another dozen in any other flavor, but to use some star wars-inspired colors for the coating.  after a little thought, i settled on white with blue drizzle - i love me some r2d2.  heh.

i was happy to hear later that they went over well.  i always like to know that other people actually find the stuff i make as yummy as i think they are.  ha!

oh - and one more father's day order i did for a friend:

i was so worried about these, but they turned out okay and they loved them.

yup.  team fatass for life.


  1. I can imagine how well those brownies went over! The police officer badge cookies are awesome! Great job.


    Thank you so so so so so much for inviting me over and making a bomb dinner AAND for giving me all those chocolate mounds of HELL FRICKITY YES SCRUMPTIOUSNESS. I can't say that they'll all be there for my brother, but we'll try.


  3. seriously, you are so evil. I may or may not have licked the computer screen when I saw those brownies.

  4. I think I got diabetes from looking at those brownie pictures.


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