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Monday, June 20, 2011

like, totally awesome dude

a couple of months ago, i did some pink & purple macarons for a friend's daughter's first birthday party.  she'd mentioned that she was putting together a big bash for her husband's 40th, and enlisted me to do some 80s-themed sugar cookies for the dessert table.

after trading a bunch of e-mails, we settled on several different shapes for the assortment.  one of her special requests was for a lightning bolt, and although i didn't have a cutter for it, i figured i could wing it and printed out a template to use.  thanks to photoshop, i was able to manipulate it into the width i needed it to be.

i busted out a paring knife and went to work.  thank goodness i only had to do a dozen of each shape - this was...challenging.

i really need to get myself a rectangle-shaped cutter.  so basic, and yet because of my lack of straight cutting skills, it's a total pain in the ass.  i took a square cutter, trimmed some off of the cutouts, and hoped for the best.

the others were blessedly simple to cut out, and then i got to work on the part of cookie decorating i don't love at all - making, mixing, tinting, and thinning out the frosting.  these were the party colors:

any guesses as to what these are supposed to be?

you know what this one is, i'm sure.

and finally - my 80s party collection!

i saw some pictures of the party afterwards, and was pleased to see that they fit right in with the craziness of the event.  looked like fun - i sure loved me some 80s.

and then it reminded me that my own 40th is looming near.  gag me with a spoon.


  1. Great cookies! I know how tedious hand-cutting cookies from a template can be but in the end, usually so worth the effort when the client is delighted with them.

  2. Have you seen the DIY cookie cutter tutorials?

    The cookies tasted great, I took a few home in my goodie bag and ended up eating them all that night. :(


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