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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so discouraging

okay, granted - it's only my third week of gym-ing it up.  i know better than to expect any kind of results after such a short period of time, especially since i haven't really changed my eating habits much.  i'm still shoveling as much bacon into my mouth as i can, although because the hub has cut his sugar intake down drastically, i haven't done much baking.  gotta be supportive and all, you know.

i took my measurements again, just to see, and they really haven't changed from the last time i did it.  that's cool.  but the part that really annoys the crap out of me is this:

aside from when i was pregnant, i'm now less than a pound away from the heaviest i've ever been.  and that pisses me off.

this happens every time i get off my ass and try to get active - and when i try to get all healthy and cut out all the bad stuff from my diet, it's even worse.  the number on the scale just goes up.  yeah, yeah, yeah, i know all about the whole "muscle is heavier than fat" bullshit.  i realize that.  but still - it's super discouraging to be putting ON pounds when you start exercising.

and i'd had such a great workout right before that weigh-in, too - i managed to run for a solid 20 minutes straight!  that's huge for me, folks.

blech.  this sucks.


  1. I haaaate that feeling. It happens to me too. Usually though, the gain only lasts for a little while because the muscle goes on, and shortly after, the fat starts coming off, provided I've reined it in food-wise, which is the part I hate most.

  2. Only weigh in the morning. Diet change will result in more weight loss than exercising.

  3. I practically have to starve myself to lose any weight.
    It's not sustainable, I know. I see it right now.

  4. I know it's so hard to hear the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing. But also remember that in the beginning stages of exercising, your muscles are being exhausted and are breaking down. They take in more water as they break down, before they rebuild and the muscles get stronger, the muscles get bigger, and the fat gets smaller. So, initially, the first few weeks sees a lot of water weight. Sucks though. But, I am proud of you!

  5. I agree with everything everyone said. Hang in there!! You are doing awesome!

  6. Ugh...that is frustrating but the good thing is that you are doing something about it! Keep up the good work! You know that in the long run all your work will pay off. Reading your post is a reminder that I should probably get on the wagon again... so, um, thanks.

  7. Yeah, I agree to weigh in during the morning. Also, what someone said about diet is pretty eye-opening. I was just curious about how much I was eating and I started putting my food into myfitnesspal.com. It's pretty interesting. Even if you don't want to change your eating habits, it's good to know those things. You might also want to try to figure out how much your workout is burning - for example, a 45 minute circuit workout I thought was kicking my ass only burns 286 calories.

  8. I only weigh myself in the morning too :)

  9. Ditto what everyone else said but add naked and after using the potty :) When I was working out, I found the best time to weigh was the day after my rest day.

  10. I forgot to add...Hang in there! Try and focus on all of the other benefits like cardiovascular health and all of those good endorphins. So many benefits to exercise besides weight loss.

  11. Keep at it! The weight and the inches will come off and you will see and feel the results and be happy that you stuck with it. I know you will achieve your goal because I know you are the type of person who once she sets her mind to doing something doesn't stop until she's accomplished it. Yes, the first few weigh ins may suck and you may feel like you are *suffering* for nothing but in a few weeks you'll be posting with lower numbers (on the scale...not your readership :), of that I'm sure of.


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