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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


okay, i've finally done it - i had a personal training session.  first time i've set foot in a gym in, oh, about four years.  yikes.  as a result, i'm ridiculously sore right now and had trouble steering my damn car home after the workout.  how pathetic is that?

so, yeah - i've been blessed with a fairly decent metabolism.  most of my life, i've not really had to worry that much about weight and diet and stuff like that.  hell, there was a time when i was stuck at 105 pounds for what seemed like forever, but those days are long, looooong gone.  but then as soon as i hit 30, that metabolism slowed down big time.  boo.

but even after i had the bean, i managed to do okay - got right back into that wedding gown on our second wan-niversary two months later.  of course, i was pretty conscious about my weight gain and hit the gym religiously throughout that pregnancy.  i actually had trouble gaining weight at first, and by the time i delivered, i'd still only packed on about 25 pounds.  lucky for me, nursing did its magic and i lost that extra padding fairly quickly.

i still don't feel really awful, despite the copious amounts of junk i stuff my face with on a regular basis.  i'm still only one pound over my wedding weight, although i notice that the number fluctuates a bit from one day to the next - anywhere from one to five.  that's not too bad, i suppose. 

but not being active was starting to bug me.  i'm so freaking lazy, people.  it's terrible.  so when the hub mentioned that he'd befriended a dude at the cigar shop who owns a local gym and is a super duper personal trainer, i bugged him to hook me up.  it took months, but he finally did.

and holy cow.  this guy is yoked to the max.  a former mr. olympian, he's in incredible shape and trains professional bodybuilders, both male and female.  he works with pro athletes too, and the walls of his gym are adorned with framed photos of his protegees.  i was pretty stinking intimidated as my lumpy ass hopped onto the elliptical with those pictures staring down at me.  luckily, he's really nice and friendly, and if i ever need to straighten anybody out and the hub isn't around...well, i know who to call.  ha!

to keep me honest, i'm posting my stats.  eek.  here goes:

natural waist (at my belly button): 





i don't have a picture of it, but the scale said 132.6 after working out.

so there.  i don't know what'll happen as i trudge through thrice-weekly sessions at the gym, considering i don't do well with diets or watching what i eat (aside from tracking the view of the grub on its way from the fork into my mouth).  i guess all i want to do is to maybe tone up a little and just feel healthier overall.  i'd also love to NOT look like ass in a suit like this one

that's not so much to ask for, is it?


  1. Now that you posted this I think I saw you at that gym last week. I go to the same trainer. Small world!

  2. Best wishes with your new exercise regime. Perhaps at the end of your training, your trainer will post your picture on his wall.

    P.S. The suit is very nice and I'll bet you would look wonderful in it right now.

  3. Good for you for being so honest and I hope you enjoy it!

  4. You are a brave, brave soul. And as I've said before, you're skinny already!

  5. lol at WM.

    I was just thinking how great you looked at dim sum.

    But good luck on your journey!


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